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TODAY: Unauthorized REPORT

Day 30.

Kalim brought me a blanket, and a notebook used with some blank sheets. Yesterday I showed a picture of Bobby with Mariah, in Bobby's 14th birthday. Kalim had already trust and sometimes talked about some things. That day I asked some questions like never before. And it made me think about those questions.

"You say you're a reporter .. And what stories are going to tell Bobby when you return ... I mean if you go back to the United States?. You can not communicate more on Facebook or You Tube because our government has us off to our friends on Facebook. Are no problem for me because I have my own blog where I tell my experience, (you and Bobby are two characters in my blog) and our brothers have their own cable channel. "I was struck by part of the question," if you return . This made me think that it might not let me return alive.

Among other things Kalim told me that working nights THALI volunteer for a youth group dedicated to collect leftover food from restaurants before they go away so they can provide 400 meals daily to people who do not. But his father does not know yet. It's a minor to make this type of work and have a legal permit is almost impossible, for now.

In Pakistan, the laws are virtually ignored by the tribal chiefs, they are based on the traditions and customs at the time of dispensing justice, and even more the case of family members. As weapons have no problem publicly display, hangs himself Kalim a rifle like an American boy a backpack, and smoke. When presented, the first thing I asked in perfect English was: "If we become friends you'll have to invite American cigarettes."

Of course I have no more American cigarettes. My cabin has a toilet water to pull him from time to time, a mattress, and a poster of Iron Man, stuck in a wall. Kalim said that to me are giving me special treatment.

The news story by my colleague said she could not contact me since we parted at the border with Iran. You have probably tried to contact via the Internet. It happens that is using my lapto Kalim. He asked me if I want to send a msg to Bobby. No, for now. I replied. "Why You showed your credentials as a journalist ... at the border? That is not done. You're in big trouble. We are not in America. Passport and cigarettes. Only American eso.Los publish their versions of a car accident guided by their own traffic laws, and rules of hygiene for hamburgers. The kids like me or large as you do not show their guns like cowboys of old movies but just take them or have them at home or in the attic. And they want everyone to copy your standards, Robert Mederos. "Kalim While he spoke, a curtain of smoke began to seep under the door, but he continued talking and was raising the voice volume of your voice as I watched his gun and large eyes of olives. I signaled with his hand towards the door but kept talking as if he heard me. Suddenly he stopped talking, turned around and left. The smoke was coming through the door. I covered my mouth and nose with a towel. Kalim returned with a backpack, a long shirt, a pakol and said: "Switch clothes, get your things and follow me. Without asking. You're my prisoner of war, a reporter for the United States. "




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