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I wait by the fountain downtown for Gon. He's always late! So after that meal, we just kept on making more and more plans! And we eventually became buddies! My other friend was okay with me ditching her! Such a bonus! Hmm... Let's see Gon was very loud, outgoing, friendly, kind, sweet, straightforward, simple minded! Honestly, the list could go on forever!

I'm just so glad I ended up with an actual friend like him in my life. It was like... Jackpot. Everything happens for a reason! Because if everything went normal that one day, and I met my friend at that restaurant, I'd be walking past Gon on the streets everyday. Two sudden hands on my shoulder snapped me out of my thoughts, as I jumped.
"Boo!" He said.

"Ah! Gon! Seriously! You scared me!"

"What were you thinking about?!"

I smiled, and rolled my eyes. "About how you're always late! Where were you?!"

"Sorry!" He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "I got distracted looking at pretty stuff!"

"Whatever! Let's go!!"


I sat at the table patiently waiting for Killua to show up. It's okay. He has a life other than me. I mean, he does have his best friend, Gon. I could never replace him, the way Killua talks about him. But, I would love to meet him. Killua and I saw each other everyday at the chocolate shop. Turns out, we always saw each other, we just didn't bother talking to one another.

I was now currently waiting at a small café with a chocolate shake. I got one for Killua too, and waited for him to show up. My mind couldn't help but wonder what if the small candy shop never even got new chocolates. Or what if I had been delayed on second. Killua would've complained by himself, and I wouldn't have been in this wonderful friendship. Killua is so many things. Mostly, a tsundere. He's not very patient, kind of unintentionally rude when you say something sweet, and always seems bored. He does have his sweet moments though.

I look out the window, and see the silverette himself, and hands in pockets, and he looks at me, slightly smiling. I perk up. My mind keeps wondering. I should stop. I am here now, so it's okay. I feel weight on my head, and I shift my gaze up. Killua has a bored look on his face. "Yo!" He said. I smiled.


"You were thinking?" He questioned.


"You looked like you were thinking."

"Nothing important. Just imagine how delicious this will be!"

"Yeah... Alright." He takes a sip out of his. We talk for a while.

"Why do you always watch my missions, Y/n?" Illumi asks, as he starts walking. I shrug, running to his side, and look up at him in awe.

"The way you kill..." I say. "It's amazing"
It really was. He was so talented, sly, smooth. Amazing.

"You're lucky I don't have to kill you." He said with a very very slight frown. Something I've never seen on him before. I nod furiously, and furrow my eyebrows in deep thought.

"Indeed I am. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here to accompany you, and be your friend!"

"Friend?" Illumi says, giving me a side glance. "No. You're not a friend. Assassins don't need friends."

I giggle, and shake my head. "Illumi? Don't you get it?"

"Get what?" He stops walking and stands in front of me, staring at me. I smile, and put a hand on my hip.

"You don't need a friend, but you have one!" I say.
Illumi's eyes widen for a split of a split second, and he starts walking. I follow closely behind.


The bell on the door rings, and I look up to see Hisoka strutting in as always. When he sees me, he licks his lips as always, and I smile at him.
"Hiya!" I say. He walked over to me, and leans on the counter. "Long day?" I ask.

"Quite long, indeed" he says, and smirks. "You?"

I shrug, and scrunch up my nose. "It was actually a busy day. Everyone's interested in magic all of a sudden!"


"Yeah! Some of them are so inexperienced! But they want the cool gadgets! It's annoying Hisokaaaaa!" I draw at his name, and throw my body on the counter dramatically. I hear his signature chuckle escape his lips, and I look up. "You don't get it! They are a disgrace to the name of magic! Ugh!"

"Oh" he says. "Well, if you need a break, dear, we could always take one~"

"No! I have an idea! How about I take a break, and you cover for me!" I perk up. Hisoka smirks.

"I meant we could---"

"Thanks Hisoka! You're the best!! Byeeeeeee!" I rush out the shop door.

I limp out of the shop, holding on to Chrollo.
"I thought you said it didn't hurt!" I growled, grabbing my leg where the spider had been tattooed.
"Well, It typically doesn't. It didn't for the other spiders"

"Of course it didn't! Ow!"

"It'll be sore for the next few days, but that's okay"

"Uh, speak for yourself!" I half yell. "This is not okay!"

Chrollo scratches the back of his head, and smiles lightly. "You're tough. It'll be fine"

"God, stop saying that! I can't possibly walk back to base like this..." I stare up at him.


"Hmmmmmm?" I sang sweetly. He looked down and back at me. I smile, and he scoops me into his arms. "Yesh!!"

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