Chapter 22- Perspective

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Quote of the day: "When life offers you lemon, make apple juice. Then sit back and let them wonder how it all came to place".

-Munich, Germany

Avelyn Perez

-Raven Bistro

Hungry diners seated selectively in the wooden chairs. The tables rustic and polished, set with the traditional wear and candle centrepiece adornment. The floors all wooden parquet, walls of red brick and the low ceiling lights brought forth that country effect.

The bistro was a welcoming place and everyone was down-to-earth individuals. Draven was well-known at the bistro and it was understandable. The vibe was energetic, fun and mellow.

"Draven! Table twelve", a waiter shouted.

I was seated behind the counter where Draven was at work. Serving guests here and there and showcasing his skills in the kitchen.

"Here you go, milady", Draven served. Extending the platter of appetizers.

"Ou-la-la, what do we have here?"

Wiping his hands on the white towel, he moved towards to my side. "You have homemade mozzarella fritters with a Mexican chilli sauce and a Greek salad with tandoori chicken strips and chipotle and a light lemon vinaigrette".

"Comfort food, I see", I smiled. Digging in, I went for the fritter. I had a special spot for mozzarella deep fried in a batter. Biting in, it was crispy and crunchy on the exterior and light and tasty on the interior. I dipped one into the tartar sauce and almost moaned in delight.

Draven was indeed a good chef.

"This is great", I complemented with a hearty grin. Finishing the fritters and moving onto the salad which was light, lemony, hints of spice and definitely appetizing.

Draven had finished making the orders for the diners and ordered the second chef in command to cook whilst he spent time with me. He sat me down on an independent countertop over a cooking station and pantry.

"What does milady want to eat?" Draven asked feigning gentlemanly mannerism. I laughed and put some thought into it.

"What is your signature dish?"

His light green eyes sparkled in the light and I paid close attention to his raven hair. How thick and straight the strands were perching on top of his head. His square forehead giving into an angular shaped face with a strong jawline. He was a green-eyed, raven hair version of Scott Eastwood.

A muscular body to suit his physique and quite a charmer, from what I have observed.

"My signature dish is homemade Gnocchi with a chilli chicken sauce".

I frowned yet was a bit astonished, "Isn't Gnocchi served with-"

"Yes, I's a weird combo but it works. One day I was in the kitchen cleaning up after rush-hour. We'd closed at the time and I was washing the dishes...a family knocked on the door and I couldn't turn them away. They were hungry and insisted on me cooking whatever I had left. There was potato, flour, and eggs...I made gnocchi and I saw the red bean and chicken, so I said, why not chilli?" he raised his hands in the air in gesture.

"After that meal, they came almost every other day requesting the meal. Until I tasted it and put it up on the menu. Weeks went by, no one ordered until they started requesting the house special. I made the gnocchi and got it out. Many were surprised", he chuckled in memory.

"Amazing..." I commented in awe. "Very well sir, make me your famous gnocchi with chilli chicken sauce".

"Aye, milady", he winked and started peeling the potatoes. "Do you have any idea what you'd like for dessert?"

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