Chapter 21- I Know You

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"Indeed", Mr. Mikhailov chirped in.



The drive back to the hotel was silent yet tension free. Ian drummed his fingers to the music on the radio as I watched the little world of Munich. Suddenly my phone beeped and a text message came in. I fished in my purse for the device and unlocked it. It was a message from Draven.

-Good day, beautiful. Hope you slept well because I sure did, dreaming about you all night long. I was supposed to message you earlier this morning but I had an early appointment. Can I take you out now?

I smiled deeply at his rambling in text form and the silly smiling emoji he would accompany his text with.

-Good day to you too, dearie. I did sleep well, thank you for asking. It's okay...I am on my way back to the hotel now. I would take just an hour to get dressed.

I clicked send and the message transferred. Within seconds his reply came in.

-Splendid! We're going shopping for the bistro. Time to cook for, milady.

I didn't reply and placed my phone back in my bag. I was free for the rest of day so I might as well spend it with Draven. I enjoyed my date with him except for Ian and Clara's company. Honestly, they're both together for the image. They barely interacted the way Draven and I were yet managed to survive dinner with us.

"The ball is two days away, Avy. The day before the ball, I booked a spot for you at the Santorini Spa. The chauffeur will take you and bring you back safely. The day after the ball, we have another meeting with Mr Truncabead and we're flying back to New York".

"Okay", I replied, making a mental note to ensure the orders I placed for the furniture and paint were followed through.

Ian glanced at me before returning his eye on the road. "I trust you got the orders and shipments done?"

"I just have to ensure they are in the process", I looked over at him. I saw a muscle in his jaw tick and I knew something was up. "What is it?" I asked still looking at him.

Ian exhales as his jaw becomes set, he looks away and then back on the road. "I warned you about having a boyfriend, Avelyn. You're dating that Draven Armstrong and not focusing on your job!"

I gaped at his reaction and was speechless for a few seconds. Until the words registered in my brain and my temper rose instantly.

"I am sorry but mind you, I attended the meeting with Mr Truncabead, completed the designs and portfolios needed for getting the shipments done. I have an order to double check, this is prior to the meeting we have in three days. I am not supposed to be on call for work today so don't you dare tell me I am distracted with dating. And don't you dare involve Draven into this".

He glares at me before hastily responding. "One mistake and you're fired, Avelyn. I swear it. I can see you are being distracted from your job and-"

"Oh, would you just hear yourself, Ian?! You're upset because I am not focused on you. I am dating someone and not even bearing you a glance. I am sorry if you are not accustomed to a girl not liking you or giving you her attention but get used to it. Don't use my job as some excuse because instead of being a friend, you'd be on enemy terms with me. You're on thin ice right now, Ian".

Ian remains silent and I never bothered to speak to him afterwards.


-Condo 32 Hotel & Resort

The car parked in the hotel's underground car park. I got out and began walking to the elevator not bothering to wait for Ian which I always do.

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