Chapter 21- I Know You

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Quote of the day: "A friend is a gift to have but a true task to be and keep. Then again, not all gifts are what we expected nor wanted".

-Munich, Germany

Avelyn Perez

-The Avenue Restaurant & Bar

The minute clinking of glass, chitter chattering of diners, mellow Jazz and the shuffling of cutlery on the glass dishes mixed in the air. The deep voices of matured men rose above the background mixture and as their cutlery actions on the plate before them provided a distraction from the boring topics of politics and international business affairs.


I snapped out of the distant reverie I was enveloped in and blinked twice. Five pairs of eyes were on me and I felt as if the spotlight just got brighter over my head.

"I beg your pardon, could you repeat that?" Repositioning myself in my chair.

Nikandros Titan Mikhailov, the founder of Titan Mikhailov Oil & Gas Company, peered at me. "I'd like to introduce you to my son. I believe he'd be in Germany for the future daughter-in-law is expected to be there as well. She is an event planner, I believe you two would make a splendid team. Would you like to visit our grand mansion in Greece sometime soon?"

"Oh, I would love to meet your son and future daughter-in-law. Indeed, I'd be happy to be acquainted with her field. And of course, I shall be most delighted to visit the mansion over a cup of tea", I replied fluently and raised my wine glass to my lips.

Mr. Truncabead had introduced me to Nikandros Titan Mikhailov, who was a spectacular elderly man; Patrick Ramsey, chairman of Zenfac Intel Incorporate, CEO of Ramsey Oil Industrials & Company, a rather stoic elderly man who seemed a bit boastful yet was highly regarded; and lastly, Hugh Daphthanomas, founder and CEO of Daphthanomas Incorporate, chairman of Shipments & Exchange Corporate Limited, chief executive of Titan Mikhailov Oil & Gas Company. Mr. Daphthanomas was amiable, frank and a world wide renown shipping magnet. His company is one of the leading shipping companies in the world.

Ian conversed comfortably with them all and I admired how great he was in the business. He conducted his affairs with such efficiency and managed to fit in with such elder bosses of the business world. In terms of running a business, Ian had every quality and he was the ideal person for such lineage of architectural and constructional greatness.

I envision him taking his empire to various countries. Being the chief executive, advisor, chairman, and CEO of other companies.

"We have all seen the work you've done, Miss Perez. I have to say, I was quite impressed when Ugene informed me of how you took all of his words and put it into a design. The contracts for companies state that the employees aren't able to work for other companies. It is such a pity as you are under Elliot's rule", Mr. Ramsey says.

"I'm not working under a contract, Mr. Ramsey. I believe I am able to work for other companies as I wish once it doesn't hamper the time I am committed to at Elliot's", I replied.

Ian cast a glance at me and I knew he would have words with me once we were alone. Mr. Ramsey breaks into a small smile. "Very well, I'd give you my contact information before we adjourn", he concludes.

"Don't mind if I pry but aren't the offices at Zenfac newly done?" Ian questioned.

Mr. Ramsey regarded him with slanted grey eyes. "No, my boy. My nephew has the highest ranking app company and I need investors as much as I need my nephew's partnership. A new up does at the office will be what I need to host a grand meeting for investors and that nephew of mine. An image is important, we all know that".

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