Chapter 20- Attention

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Quote of the day: "The littlest things in life is underrated".

-Munich, Germany

Avelyn Perez

-Munich Grand Carnival Fest

"I apologize if I am prying but you know Ian?" Even though the question was phrased incorrectly, I knew what I meant and where this conversation was heading.

"I do," I replied.


We were finished by seeing the booths and he was leading me down to the camp. It was a long walk from the booths to the camp. Beyond the camp were the rides. Draven informed me that after the show, we'd go to the rides before leaving.

"I know you want to know, and you know that there is the past with Clara," he stops and looks down at me. His eyes held such softness and hurt in those green depths. If it was possible, I would have taken the stuffed bear and won it and hid behind it.

"It's okay if you do not want to tell me. It's not my business." I did not want him to be forced into speaking his business with me. I am, after all, just his date.

I do not meet you, I do not meet you, I do not meet you, I like you, I do not meet you. I would like to thank you for your help, I would like to thank you for your kindness, and I hope that you will continue to do so.

I swallowed and looked at him in the eyes. Something about this was potent and it was drawing me in. Second by second ... breath by breath ... I was enveloped completely.

"Ian was the bidder who took Clara that night at the charity gala." I was dating Clara at that time, she was fresh out of college and her career just got the pitch. I have been dating for a year and officially became a couple a few months before the charity gala.I was supposed to bid the highest on her.I knew the rule and broke it.That night, I never saw her nor him ... a few days after, their picture published the new couple of Manhattan.He never bothered to say we had officially broken up.I took it that we did and made sure she knew it.I met Her three months after, face to face, and said goodbye. Now we just communicate for publicity. "

"Oh my," I gasped. "I'm so sorry ..." I was speechless.

"It's not your fault, you do not have to apologize. But I have a question too", Draven supplies as we continued walking.


"Why does he look like you?" He asks.

I glanced at him a bit confused. "How does he look at me?" My tone is clear of confusion and interest.

"You may not be able to see it, Avelyn, but a man can know when another man wants a woman." When he has feelings for her, Draven says dryly.

And in that moment, Draven had hijacked my heart with all its memories of Ian and our feelings against my mind who intended on being logical. 


"Draven?" I was interrupted by the voice of a man. Draven and I spun to see tall, muscular lad with blonde hair walk up to us.

"Carter," Draven exclaimed cheerfully. "Hey! Great to see you, man, how are things?"

Carter laughs and embraced Draven in a manly hug. "I am not expecting you at the Carnival after our last year here," I have burst into laughter.

Draven groans and I knew it was an embarrassing story. "Carter, let me introduce you to my date, Avelyn Perez." Avy, this is my first-year university buddy, Carter Morgan. "

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