Chapter 19- Hijacked

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Quote of the day: "Friendships are more valued than relationships. A friendship marks the start of a relationship".

-Munich, Germany

Avelyn Perez

-Munich Grand Shopping Complex

"What's that?" Ian asked baffled. The assistant, Greta Boscott, spun on her heels abruptly peering at Ian.

"I beg your pardon, sir?" Her shapely brown eyebrows arched elegantly matching her confused expression.

I glanced at my boss, who moved forward towards the rack of dresses, shuffled through the black evening gowns as if they were nothing and plucked another out from the cladded rack. Meanwhile, the assistants watched in fear, horror, and expectation of appease.

Ian pulled out a dress which made everyone's eyes widen by a fraction. I sucked in a breath and the first thought of the dress was 'How beautifully expensive'.

He turns and extends the dress. "Here...try this on promptly", his eyes were dancing with happiness. It was a first and it made me feel elated. Yet sinking realization of the cost of such a magnificent dress thwarted all good and happy thoughts and emotions.

"Ian, I ca-"

"Avelyn, shut up and try this on now. We've been here since the last hour", Ian snapped and demanded.

I sighed and pointed my chin out to him, taking measured steps forward whilst extending my second glass of wine to him in exchange for the dress. The weight of the dress had managed to fool me and I had to scoop the mess up, stalking to the changing room.

"Don't take long!" I heard his distant tone command as I closed the white door and locked it.

Minutes later, I was adorned with luxury. I stared at the girl in the mirror...her skin was not of where she was born and grown. For the first time, I managed to realize how beautiful I was.

Modesty is a great attribute but so is confidence.

Compared to where I knew I was, I never looked the part...highborn was the word I managed to pass by. Highborn is the girl in the mirror. The deep 'v' line showcased my skin and the plumpness of my bosom, leaving the rest for others imagination.

The bodice of white lined with lilac sheer, embroidered with florals of lime green, dark purple, rose brown and hints of black. The neckline receded into a broad band over the shoulders connecting together at the back. There was an exposed area at my back which showcased more skin left for wondering eyes.

Nothing my hair can't hide.

I thought triumphantly. The skirt of the dress was luxurious...long, velvety and all rose brown. Another layer of lilac sheer layered over the velvety rose brown fabric but stopped at the mid, allowing the fabrics to have a display on its own.

Over the layer of lilac sheer, the floral embroidery was now adorned in addition to diamond accessories which extended at the waistline to mid bodice in a faded pattern.

It is why the dress is a tonne and a half to lift.

I exhaled to relax my nerves...of course, Ian was paying for this dress. I can never afford such luxury. However, could I allow him such luxury of buying me things? It was a question neither myself nor my sub-conscious was capable of answering without taking a year to decipher.

A knock brought me out of my reverie and I perked up at the person beyond the white door.

"Avelyn, are you done?"

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