Chapter 8: Hero Killer

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I totally forgot about the Hero Name for the Reader, and have no inspiration for it. So if anyone has a good one please leave a comment! It would be very much appreciated!

"Ahhhhhhhh I. Don't. Know." I said as I fell down on the bed holding the list of pro heros that I had to choose from. Although Shouto said don't pick Endeavour, I did have some intentions of picking him. Despite the fact that he is a jerk, he is number two hero for a reason and there are many things I can learn from him. But at the same time I didn't want to do what Shouto told me not too.

Having no other nominations from pro heros I decided to pick a normal hero that was not really known but did have some recognition. I guess it was a perfect platform for me to come back from the injuries.

A week has passed already and we were all at the train station with our individual costumes in suitcases. Everyone was having their chats about the experience they were going to have and expressing their excitement, nervousness or both.
"Shouto are you gonna be ok at your dad's place?" I asked
"Yea" his said his usual reply, while replying his gaze was somewhere else. I looked to where he was looking and I saw Iida with an unusual expression, he looked as if he was going into a bloodshed war. He walked away from Izuku and Ochako who showed a worrying expression as their eyes followed him. I felt a tingly feeling about this, as a good friend of his I did want to ask him and help him but his strong glare and tense aura that he gave out didn't allow me to.
"(F/n), see you in a week" Shouto said
"Yea good luck" I said, we both said our goodbyes and we all left to go to where the pro heros who which we will work under.

I got off the train and walked a few blocks from the station and reached to the destination that was written on the piece of paper. I walked in hesitantly and looked around, then someone walked towards me and started to introduce themselves
"Hello, you must be (F/n)-chan, I am (pro hero name) and I am your trainer for a week" she said,
"Nice to meet you, I am (L/n) (F/n)" I introduced to the pro hero. She then lead me to her office and explained her job and what's in her office.
"One thing I need you to be careful is the Hero Killer Stain, he is rumored to attack heros in this very town next. We pro heros of Hosu city are putting in the full effort to find him and capture him. Especially during the patrols be careful" she warned, I nodded and began helping her with her work.

The first day was over and I was on a bed about to go to sleep, then my phone rang signalling a text message so I grabbed it and checked it,
Shouto: Hey
Me: Hey Shouto how was ur day?
Shouto: Good u?
Me: It was good
Shouto: I think we are going to Hosu tomorrow for patrol, your in Hosu right?
Me: Yea! I hope we can meet up somehow
Shouto: I don't know about that, and I heard about the Hero Killer. Be careful
Me: Ok. I'm going to sleep now, I need to wake up early tomorrow. Good night!
Shouto: Night

With that I shut the screen off and drifted off to sleep excited for a full new day of training tomorrow.

I woke up due to the annoying sound of the alarm clock and lazy got up and stretched. While getting ready for the day I heard a knock on the door,
"(F/n)-chan today we are patrolling for the whole day, so whenever you are ready meet up at my office" I heard (pro hero name) say behind the door, I replied and quickly got ready putting on my costume. I got to the office all ready and she started to explain the courses and what we were supposed to do during a patrol. After the lecture we finally left the building and started to walk around town to search for any signs of trouble. She explained the little things on the walk and we did help some people in trouble but it wasn't really anything major. I had some sort of feeling that something bad is going to happen and as the day progressed it got even worst.

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