21| maybe you should see a doctor, jimin

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"HEY, thanks again for spending the night at Taehyung's." Jungkook smiled cheerfully when Jimin entered the dorm room.

"N-No problem," Jimin muttered.

"No, seriously, thanks man." Jungkook said, tone showing that he wasn't joking around, "You could have easily told me to fuck off, but you didn't, so thanks."

Jimin smiled, stomach filling with butterflies, "Y-You're welcome."

"How'd it go at Tae's?"

After setting his book bag down on his desk chair he moved over to the lame excuse of a closet. He pulled his hoodie off, "It was f-fun, I m-met his room-roommate. He's...s-scary."


"Yeah, b-but in a g-good w-way." Jimin giggled, pulling his shirt over his head as well. He threw both clothing items towards the general direction of his laundry basket.

Jungkook couldn't help glancing Jimin over once before he caught himself and quickly spinned his chair in a different direction, reaching for his textbook. "A good scary."

Jimin hummed, pulling a grey sweater on. He decided to keep his jeans, spraying some cologne on to make up for the fact that he hadn't taken a shower yet.

"Where are you going?"

"I h-have class—ah!" Jimin whimpered. He brought his hand up to his chest, which was shooting pain up and down his arm.

"You okay?" Jungkook asked, glancing at Jimin.

"Yeah—ah f-fuck, n-no."

Jungkook frowned and spun around, standing up and walking towards Jimin. He gently took Jimin's hand in his, massaging it gently.

"You should go to a doctor." Jungkook said softly, looking down at their hands.

Jimin bit his lip, trying to not yell out in pain. His stomach was getting butterflies again. He could feel himself blushing. Jungkook glanced up at his face and smiled, chuckling softly, "Does this hurt?"

Jimin shook his head. He couldn't trust himself to speak right now. Jungkook sighed, "Want me to get the pain meds?"

"P-Please?" Jimin whispered.

Jungkook nodded, "I'll be right back."

Jimin had himself composed by the time the younger came back. He thanked him and took the pills, drinking the glass of water Jungkook had gotten for him.

"I'm serious about the doctor thing." Jungkook said.

Jimin shook his head, "I-It's not that b-bad, thank you."

"Okay—" Jungkook drawled, placing the glass back down on the counter after Jimin was done with it.

"Hey, uh, so I have these tickets for this water park," Jungkook started, looking down, "I was suppose to go with Hani, but her sister is coming home so she's going to go see her, so do you wanna go with me instead?"

"S-Sure." Jimin smiled shyly.

"Cool, its on Monday after classes, is that okay?"


Jungkook grinned, "Awesome. I'm gonna go get ready for work."


Jimin watched as Jungkook grabbed his work uniform before entering the bathroom. He waited until the door closed before breaking out into a huge grin, pulling out his phone and calling Taehyung as quickly as possible.

It wasn't even two rings before Taehyung picked. Jimin stepped out into the hall, "T-Tae! Yo-You'll never guess what just ha-happened!"

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