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Elysia Wright

We had just landed from our long flight and I was tired

Nova and August was suppose to been here already waiting. If I knew the address I would've called a uber.

"This Auntie Anne's is really tempting me. If they don't come in the next five minutes I'm hopping in that line." I said

"Shiiiid I was about to head there " she laughed

"Go ahead and go get in line I want what I always get " I pushed her

"Say no more watch my bag" she got up making her way to the Auntie Anne's line

Sorry about the hold up Ma. I'm stuck in the studio I thought I would be done and Nova just leaving her job. I sent my body guard so look out for him. Nova and I will meet you at the house. - August A 1:46pm

Um ok what do your body guard look like ? - 1:46

He big , dark skin , and got a bald head. You want miss him I promise 😂 but I'll send him your number for when he get there if it's cool with ya- August A 1:49

Lol yes that's fine with me - 1:49

After sending that text he quickly replied with ok instead of replying I locked my phone and dropped it in my bag

"Here you go best friend they fresh too " she passed me the cinnamon sugar pretzels with a lemonade

"Thanks and August just text me he told me that he sent his body guard because both him and nova was still working " I told her

"Aw man so now we have to wait longer" she slouched in her seat

"He should be on his way hopefully I'm tired and ready to lay down "

"Is the rooms already fixed"

"Yes everything should already be decorated in the house well that's what nova kept telling me that girl talk so much" I laughed

"She just happy I guess " Meagan laughed putting a pepperoni in her mouth that she peeled off the pretzel

"Yeah that and she friendly I guess that's a good thing though " I shrugged

A few minutes later my phone started vibrating and when I looked it was from a unknown caller I knew it was from his body guard so I answered quickly

"Wazzam shorty this Elysia" I chuckled to myself at how loud he was talking

"Yes this is she you here"

"Mhm they wanted me to come in and get you where you at"

"That's okay I can walk out myself just tell me where you parked "

"If Nova or August found out I let you do that I want hear the last of it "

"Well I'm sitting right beside Auntie Anne's do you know what level that's on "

"Yes I'll be there" he hung up

"He on his way " I told Meagan

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