The Spy's Bad Boy

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Chapter 1

I'm a Spy

Pre A/N: I wrote this book in 7th grade... you've been warned.

A/N: So this is my first story. Please dont be too hard on me. I hope its good! Enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I screamed as I saw my best friend get shot in the back. As I sat there sobbing a man came behind me and ....... I woke up. Yeah that was all a dream. It happens when you go to spy school. Sometimes I dream about what can happen on a real mission. I never went on a mission before. That's all going to change because this is the first day of my Junior year in high school.

"Get your lazy butt out of bed, you are going to be late" my 'oh so caring' brother screams from right outside my bedroom door. "Jeez, you didn't have to be so mean about it," I said playing with him. " At least I was nice enough to wake you up" he teases back. My brother goes to Brenton High School for Exceptional Young Adults as well. He is only going to be a freshman. "Joshy, you know you love me. Now get out of the bathroom. I have to get ready," I hollered at him.

Just after my shower I decided to wear a dress and leggings for my first day of school. I have to wear leggings because in spy school you never know what you are going to do that day. I might have to do cartwheels, flips, or a kick to the face and I really don't think anyone would want a veiw of my beautiful underwear. Just after I finished getting ready my phone rang and of course it was Kaitie. She is my best friend and my ride to school. I've been afraid of driving since my dad died in an accident while on a spy mission. Yeah, you read that right, my parents are spies. Anyway I picked up the phone and was relieved to hear her voice since my dream scared me. "Hey, where are you. Get out here. We gotta get to school," she snapped at me. I told my brother goodbye since he has my mom drive him to school.

" Okay so we are now Juniors and we need to have perfect first impressions on our teachers" she rambled on. " Calm down, we will and we will be the best spy team ever" I said as we parked at school. Kaitie is a perfect best friend. She is always there for me and she is like a sister. She is tall with long, perfectly waved, blonde hair. I could never live without her.

As we get out of the car our clique is instantly reunited. " Oh my gosh, I missed you guys so much" I squealed like a girl while hugging my two best guy friends John and Chris. " We missed you too but we have a reputation to keep so we can't be seen hugging you" Chris teased and I gave him the puppy dog eyes. " Oh we're just kidding. You know we couldn't stay away for that long, baby" John said flirting harmlessly like always.

"OMG....... Do you see that?" Kaitie asked and I turned around. It was a knew kid. A really HOT new kid. He looks like a bad boy to me by his ruffled up, dark brown hair and leather jacket. "Holy eyecandy" Kaitie and I say in unison. We do that a lot. The mysterious new kid caught me staring and winked at me. I instantly felt my cheeks warm up and start a slight blush. "We should probably head to our lockers" I said trying to change the subject.

As we made our way to our lockers I noticed him again but this time he was opening up the locker right next to mine!!! My friends all went their separate way to find their lockers and I was stuck all alone. I opened my locker and tried not to look. "Hey, beautiful. Caught you staring at me in the parking lot. I'm Jake and I'm new here. " he said sending shivers down my spine. "Um....uh.....I'm Lilly. " is all that I could say. I was so nervous. " What's the matter ,princess? Does the bad boy scare you? I'm sorry. Could you show me where foreign language class is? " he said kind of like a jerk and kind of sincere. " Well, thats my first period class so just follow me I guess" I said under pressure.

We got to class and I was happy to see our seats were on opposite sides of the classroom. I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of him. He is super cute and could have any girl in this school so I'm not going to worry about it too much but I do want to get to know him.

The day went by pretty quickly and it was already lunch time so the whole clique went to our normal lunch spot in the middle of the cafeteria. "Look who's walking this way" John said motioning for me to look. It was Jake. He looked at me and winked .....again. Does this boy always wink or is it just me? He sat right next to me. "Hey guys" he said to all of us. He had classes with all of us already so John, Chris, and Kaitie already met him. " Hey. Whats up bro" Chris said as he slapped his hand. "Nothing much, just finding some cool people to hang out with. I guess I should keep looking." He teased and we all faked being hurt. At least lunch went normal. Our group is not the most popular but we are pretty well known. Jake should fit in just fine.

I got home after school and I was utterly exhausted. I forgot how hard spy school was. I had no homework but I couldn't stop thinking about Jake. He was in 5/8 of my classes!!!! He is perfect. I don't think I have any shot with him though. As I was lost in my thoughts I drifted off to sleep. I can't wait to see him again.

The next day I got to school with Kaitie and went to my locker. I closed the locker door and I think I hit my head on the ceiling I was so scared. "Jake!!!! Don't scare me like that!!!!"

"But it is so amusing when I scare you. Awwww. Do I make you blush sweetheart" He said and a noticed my cheeks were getting pink. " No. You are going to get payback for that though!" I said serious and joking at the same time. "But" I backed up onto my locker as he blocked me by putting his hand on the lockers next to my head, " you can't do that. I'm irresistible. " I couldn't help a blush form on my cheeks. He turned aroud smirking and walked to first period. What is this boy doing to me.


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