26. Gentleman's Choice

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"Little bit to the left, honey," Asher's voice came out muffled, like he had a cold.

I turned my head to find Willow squeezing his nose with her toes. I chuckled. At least Hycinth was keeping her ministrations to my cheeks and forehead.

"Hey!" Gwen squealed from the other end of the couch. "Stop biting!"

"There's nothing in the rules against biting," Ever snorted.

She smacked him in the face with her toes.

"Ow!" he grunted. "You're supposed to massage, not hit."

"There's nothing in the rules against hitting," she replied tartly. "Besides, I call that deep tissue massage."

"I show you deep tissue massage later," he growled.

Her giggling turned breathy and the unmistakable scent of her arousal filled the air.

Ever grabbed his hardening dick with a groan, "Fuck, woman, you can't do that!"

"Rubbing one out isn't going to solve your problem," Asher snorted, sounding like he was underwater. Damn, Willow was relentless with his nose.

Hycinth's chest rose and fell with laughter as she watched and listened to their banter, barely paying attention to what she was trying to do with her feet. I loved to see her have a good time. I held her ankles steady in the air and kissed her toes lightly.

Brian called out, "Time!"

Hycinth slipped her heels back on. I slid my hands down the outside of her hips to her knees as she stood up. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared down at me. She quivered for a moment and then inhaled deeply, letting the breath out slowly, before sliding out from between my legs. I smirked. Maybe, having her half naked wasn't such a bad idea after all.

When we all made our way back to the table, it was my turn again. I aimed for one of the cups without a dare, and was pleased when the ball dropped in. Hycinth's eyes narrowed. She accused, "You did that on purpose."

I grinned. "Yep...drink up, love."

She downed the drink without even blinking. And then returned the favor, sinking the ball in the cup we'd already completed the dare. I picked it up and tilted it in her direction before guzzling it down. Asher also successfully hit an open cup, forcing Willow to drink again. Willow licked the remaining beer from her lips and tossed the ping-pong ball in our direction. It easily dropped into a cup with a dare. The girls broke out into a small cheer, giving each other high-fives, which looked rather funny in their underwear.

Asher pulled out the card and read it, "Take a shot...opponent choice."

Ever grinned, "Fuck, yes!"

Brian looked toward the other end of the table. "Okay, ladies. What'll it be?"

They put their heads together and whispered animatedly, but it was hard to catch any of their words over the general noise of the club. After a moment, they popped apart and Willow purred devilishly, "Hot sauce."

Ever's eyes went wide. "Ba—by," he whined. "We were nice when we chose your shot."

She snorted and raised an eyebrow, calling him on his shit, "Uh huh...you selected Petron out of the goodness of your heart." 

Asher and I both laughed. We were up for the challenge, but Ever hated spicy foods...and Gwen knew it. Damn, they were playing hardcore.

Abruptly, Bryan appeared with a small tray containing three shot glasses with red liquid inside. Asher grabbed one and I selected another. Ever reluctantly picked up the last one, his mouth turned down into a pout.

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