26. Gentleman's Choice

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Song: Drunk Like You by The Cadillac Three.  Thanks @TacoDog52 for the recommendation!

Chapter 26— Gentleman's Choice


I dropped my head down on her shoulder and breathed a huge sigh of relief when my fingertips came into contact with lacy panties.

Hycinth let out peals of laughter.

I lifted and shook my head. I could finally crack a smile again. Nestling into her neck again, I promised huskily, "Well played, little mouse. But you're going to pay for fucking with me."

Without even a second of hesitation, she replied cheekily, "I thought you wanted me to fuck with you."

More laughter filled the air as the rest of our group could easily hear our conversation.

"Oh I do, little mouse....I do," my voice dropped an octave as I pushed the dress away from her shoulders. She pulled her arms out, and I slid the dress over her hips until it pooled at her feet. Without taking off her high-heeled shoes, she took a dainty step out of the garment, her back now pressed against my chest, and proceeded to bend over...at the fricking waist nonetheless...pushing her barely clad ass right into my crotch as she gathered the dress, and straightened again, brushing off any dust from the garment.

I groaned and had to adjust myself in my pants.

"Fucking hell, Leander," Asher muttered. "You've definitely got your hands full."

I was well aware. But if this was how she wanted to play, let's play...

There was almost a collective gasp from the crowd as I stepped away, no longer blocking their field of vision. I knew what they were looking at. Standing completely confident in just her bra and matching little scrap of panties, she had a rock hard body that made the five she-wolves in the corner turn a sickly green with envy. Their giggles were completely gone in the face of their true competition...and none of them even came close.

The she-wolves weren't the only ones to take notice. The unmated males were salivating and twitching, while the mated wolves were eyeing her vast tattoos with deserved respect. They understood what kind of pain she had to endure for that amount of ink.

I sucked in a deep breath and blew it out, getting a firm grip over my desire to take a bite out of every wolf indulging in the visual decadence of her body.

It took no time at all for Asher and Ever to undress their mates down to their underwear as well. Willow was dressed in a camisole versus a bra, so a little more covered than the other two, but not much. Once we were all back in place, Bryan cleared his throat. "Well...that was um, interesting. Okay, let's keep going. The score is still four to one, females in the lead. Gwen...your turn."

She promptly deposited the ball right into a cup. Ever pulled out the card underneath and read it out loud, "Get a one minute face massage...with your mate's bare feet."

"Done!" Ever grinned. "Bring it on, ladies."

Ever, Asher and I moved to sit on a nearby couch. Brian slid a long ottoman right in front of us. He locked the wheels, so it wouldn't roll. The girls positioned themselves on the ottoman, and balanced themselves with their hands behind them. Hycinth kicked off her heels.

"Begin!" Brian flipped a sand timer.

Hycinth raised her bare feet to my face. She giggled as she pressed her little toes against my cheeks. I didn't mind at all...from this position, I had a bird's eye view right between her legs.

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