Chapter 24

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She opened the door wearing nothing but her underwear and he took in the sight, letting the corners of his mouth turn down as the smile faded from her face.

"What's wrong?"

She asked tugging at his wrist, impatiently pulling him inside her apartment. He pretended to be reluctant and continued to pout, the sight of her half naked body was a thrill, but he was disappointed; he had been thinking about taking that dress off of her all day long.

"I wanted to undress you."

"Shut up. I waited for an hour, I had given up on you."

She grinned as he wrapped an arm around her body, holding her close to him and lifting her off the floor as he shut the door with his other hand. She giggled as he carried her that way to the bedroom and sat her down on the bed.

"It's disappointing is all, but I guess I'll let it slide. I owe you a lot."

"You don't owe me anything." She let her fingers glide gently over the side of his face and his hair. He closed his eyes at her touch and laid her back on the bed. "You did it all yourself Alex and you should be proud; I'm really proud of you."

She smiled up at him and he knew immediately this was wrong. She shouldn't be making him feel what he felt, he shouldn't be laying in bed with her talking with her about how much she'd done for him and how much he appreciated her when he meant to only be casually fucking her from time to time.

In that moment he knew he was more than infatuated, not quite in love but maybe getting there and wondering if it would be such a bad thing. The immediate memories of his previous relationships told him that yes it would be a very bad thing, and it made him want to bolt immediately for the door and never return.

But in equal measure he felt the urge to stay, for reasons that were much less clear to him, maybe because the skin of her stomach was so soft and smooth beneath his fingers, and she smelled incredible, and her body responded almost as well to his touch as his guitar did. And so instead of running he brought his lips down to hers and kissed her slowly, sending his tongue into her mouth and letting a wave of relief wash over him as she wrapped her legs around his body and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

In moments he was out of his clothes and connected with her and as he watched her smile and laugh through the moments they were sharing he was once again amazed at her nonchalance; she wasn't worried about falling for him at all, she really didn't see him as anything more than a fuck buddy, 'neighbors with benefits' as she called it. The idea took hold in his mind once again that he was the one becoming too attached, not her. It wasn't until she held his face that he realized she had stopped moving. She adjusted herself on his lap and looked concerned for him.

"What's wrong?"

She asked again and he sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. Everything he felt was absurd there was no way he could say it out loud, to anyone let alone her.


"Are you nervous about tomorrow? Do you want to stop?"

Her eyes were big with worry and her forehead creased as she ran a thumb back and forth across his jawline. It was a comforting gesture and did nothing at all to ease his mind about the feelings he had that were getting far too deep for his liking. He shook his head again and spoke.

"No. Be quiet."

With those words he turned her over and laid her on the bed, standing at the end and pulling her down until her legs hung off and her body laid at the edge. She held onto the sheets above her head to brace herself against his thrusts and moaned softly as he came towards her, slowly but forcefully enough to make the bed frame shake and the headboard bang against the wall behind it. He tried to ignore the way her sounds made him feel, the way she moaned his name breathlessly, her voice heavy with passion and lust. He focused on the feeling in his body, the way her body felt perfectly tight around him, how his blood pumped heavily in his veins, coursing through his body, contributing to his arousal and building the climax that he knew would come soon. She sat up as she came and wrapped her arms around his body, holding him close and rolling her hips against him as she rode out her high. He followed quickly after, then helped her up into the pillows before laying in bed with her, watching her try to recover from the moments before. He hovered over her and brushed the hair that clung to her face behind her ear and realized that she was beautiful and sweet. She looked shocked and surprised even more than happy with what had just happened, and he kissed her softly on her forehead.

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