25. Males Finger...Females Blow

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Sorry, guys, these chapters are not edited much. I'm going on no sleep, and just trying to get them out.

Chapter 25—Males Finger...Females Blow.


Surprisingly, she gave it to me.  She kept one hand on my shoulder, and raised the other, letting it sway freely in the air. Her body molded to mine, pliable and willing to let me move her as I wanted. And ooh, did I want to move her....in so many ways. Most of which, we couldn't do on a dance floor surrounding by an audience of strangers. But it didn't stop me from forcing my knee between her legs and jerking her lower body tight to mine, giving her something to ride.

"Oh!" she gasped loudly, her chest heaving...and then began grinding herself against my thigh, her hips moving in time with the music...using me for her own pleasure.   I wondered if she even realized she was doing it. The movement caused her dress to slide up, but I still couldn't see whether or not she wore panties. However, the heat of her core was unmistakable against my leg.

My breath caught in my throat. The image of her was almost too much. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slack. Her hips moved wantonly against me, her belly rubbing pleasurably against my manhood trapped between us.

"So fucking beautiful," I groaned.

Her gorgeous blue eyes opened to half-mast, her lids heavy with sensuality. I gathered her neck in both hands, caressing her soft skin with my thumbs. Her desire thrummed through the bond, mixing with mine, churning and burning its way through every cell in my body. I brought my head down to her neck, my mouth taking the place of my thumbs as I kissed her sweet flesh, licking and nibbling down one side of her neck,  and then along her clavicle bone to the other side.

"Leander," she whimpered. The ache in her voice was palpable. Tangible. I could touch it, it was so thick in the air. I felt it too. My control was slipping. I growled softly against her skin, "Do you want me inside you?"

She moaned low and long. I pulled back. Her eyelids fluttered open...her eyes wide now as she stared at me. Her little tongue darted out to wet her lips and that was it. My control broke. I could hold back no longer. I cupped her face in my hands, and lowered my head slowly, growling, "I'm going to kiss you now."

Her chest heaved. She breathed, "Yes—"

I made it impossible for her to say anything else, my mouth coming down on hers, hard and firm.  The instant our lips touched, the bond exploded into a million tingles, shocking my insides like a million tiny pricks of electricity.  Not only did I feel my own arousal, but her desire crashed through the bond, like waves in an ocean, pulling me under.  It was enough to wreck me.

She felt it too, just as overcome as I was...lost in the energy between us. A high-pitched whimper came from her throat. I moved my lips against hers, possessively, hungrily. She was so soft. I bit her lower lip. She gasped and I took full advantage, my tongue darting into the warm abyss of her mouth. I groaned. She tasted fucking delicious, her own delectable flavor mixed with whiskey and sweet vermouth from her drink earlier.

She met me back eagerly, fiercely, her tongue tangling with mine in a clash for dominance. I fucking loved the challenge, and nipped her top lip, drawing a drop of blood. She yelped against my mouth, her surprise radiating through the bond. Laughter rumbled through my chest. I licked over the tiny puncture wound that had already healed.

It wasn't more than a minute before her surprise gave way to determination, and she returned the favor. She sucked on my tongue, and then gathered my lower lip between her teeth and tugged gently before the razor-sharp tip of her canine nicked my lip. She sucked the coppery liquid away, her Wolf growling her pleasure.

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