No Air

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Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air

If I should die before I wake

It's 'cause you took my breath away

Losing you is like living in a world with no air

Jordin Sparks- No Air

It had me thinking, thinking bad. What if i was pregnant? Damn, why did Dani have to always say dumb shxxt like that. i had to get away from the house that i stayed wi. Kae (Karruechue Tran) Chris Brown's girlfriend. She was also a friend, not a close friend like Dani or Kelly. i was at their beach house, Chris, Tyga, Kae & 2 more people were here. i had on this >>>> <<<< (A/N: CLICK IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE OUTFIT) << & i was a little nervous but i kinda brushed it off. i watched as Chris & Tyga joked around.

"nah nixxgga, what he say?" Chris asked as he watched Tyga throw up gang signs.

"he was like, 'Westside on these nixxggas" Tyga yelled as he posed like a gangsta. i laughed and so did everybody else. i watched as Chris laughed, as he paced back and forth catching his breath. This is what you'll experience when you hang around these 2. These 2 are goofy as fxxck & i love them both. i laughed. i got a text from Dani, "are you okay? Go get a pregnancy test dumb whore". she's right, but i don't want to because what if it comes back positive. i don't know how i could be pregnant Tyga used protection. i looked up to see Tyga skinny's hanging off his ass & he pulled them up. He walked over to me and hugged me, "you all good? whats on yo' mind?" he asked, kissing on my neck.

i shook my head & he pecked me on the lips, "we about to go to the studio, you wanna come?" he asked. i shook my head.

"damn, you can't talk now?" he asked. Chris, Kae & the other 2 left out the door. i gave Tyga a fake smile, "i'm just tired" i lied. I mean, i was tired but i also was stressed.

"aard, well i'm about to go. i'll check up on you" he kissed me one last time & walked out the door.


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