Chapter 15

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Travis didn't wait any moment or even held his breath until we reached the boardroom and opened the door without hesitation. I followed him quietly, hugging and gripping the folders so tightly across my arms. I didn't have any handle to hang on just in case I collapse in nervousness.

The roundtable appeared in front of us—filled with reputable men and women. I knew all of them. Everyone's astonished to see the man stood in their middle with a boasting confidence and dominance just like how Rafe stood before this people.

They began mumbling on each other—scrutinizing him as if they were watching a scene from a horror film.

"Good morning," Travis greeted as he began to speak. "You must be very surprised. You don't have to be and you don't have to be afraid either," he stated, his voice changed into an authoritative tone.

Everyone stopped and looked at him but one man prompted. Lucas Sloan, Mateo's father who's sitting next to him stood from his seat, "How the hell is this possible?" he shouted angrily.

"Aren't you happy to see me, Uncle?" Travis lips curved into a smile. I swallowed my dry throat. The air conditioner didn't seem to be functioning since I felt a lone sweat ran down my temple.

"Don't call me Uncle, you bastard! I don't know who you are! You are an impostor! My nephew died six years ago. Tell me, how is this impersonator get into the building? How dare you stand in front of us? Ah—my soon to be daughter-in-law seemed to know what is going on. Ms. Ide, would care to tell me who let this impostor enter this building?"

I swallowed hard. Travis looked at me and flashed a reassuring smile. I nodded.

He held up a hand, "She didn't have to answer you. Ask me your question instead, Director Sloan."

I glanced at Elizabeth's direction. It was marked on her face how worried she was.

"Listen to me you prick. I don't need to ask you a question since are an impostor."

"Excuse me," another voice spoke up to the microphone. Mrs. Barmen, she was one of the stockholders in the company. "Why don't we let the young man speak first?"

The noise began filling the room again. The majority of the people agreed while the others didn't seem to care.

"You can speak now, Mister." Ms. Barmen initiated.

"Thank you, I've been waiting for that." Travis acknowledged, slipping his hands inside his pocket. Everyone turned quiet.

"All of you seemed to know that I'm already dead, rotting under the ground where all of you attended to see my last destination. It was my family's decision to make it like that since they didn't know if I was going to wake up again. I died, yes, I already died. My brain was dead for almost five years. I slept a long, long time without any assurance if I was going to wake up. My parents kept me hidden. In short, I was in a coma."

"Hold on, Mister," Ms. Barmen, cut in. "Are you telling us that the burial ceremony was all on the act? It doesn't make sense."

"Yes. Did any of you saw me lying in that tight case? No?"

I frowned. Yeah, they really did seal his coffin. His mother wanted it to be that way. No one had seen him inside. His story making was now going to be more believable, of course.

"I woke up last year," he continued, "as if it was only yesterday. I opened my eyes and I didn't know that five years has already gone in my life."

"Why didn't you show yourself up sooner, buddy?" another man asked. Oh, God, it was Jared. Rafe's best friend. He was wearing an unexplainable expression. He looked so disappointed and sad at the same time. I almost forgot that he was here, too. God, this was too complicated! How were we going to deal with him later? He'd be devastated.

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