A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (28)

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I begin to put on the bottoms when I suddenly freeze at first I don’t’ understand why till that feeling of someone is watching me tingles thought my being.

"You could have asked me to get your clothing for you." A rough deep voice speaks; I don’t even need to guess who it belongs to.


Whitney’s (Pov)

I drop the sweat bottoms and stand straight up. My heart tightens and restricts anxiety and fear is crippling me right now. I wrap the sheet securely around me and grip my hand in the front by my chest; because all I need right now is to accidently flash the man that kidnapped me and holds my life in his hands. I suck in a much need breath of air albeit stale air never the less I hope it keeps me from hyperventilating. I finally decide to face the inevitable and turn toward the stranger man.

He is standing in the middle of the room by the wide dark ladder; he still has his long coal black cloak on that has a wrinkled appearance from him crouching on the muddy floor. I take a quick glance at his covered face or I guess where his face would be if it wasn’t covered by his hood.  I move my focus to the floor not really sure how to response to his previous question; I don’t know what to do. So I say the first thing that comes to mind.

“I-I didn’t want to disturb you.” I chew on my bottom lip hoping not to sound as scared as I am.

“You would not have disturbed me. Believe what you will but while you are under my care I wish you to be as comfortable as possible under these circumstances.”

“You call undressing me and trapping me down in this-this wherever this is making me comfortable.” I swallow the lump that formed in my throat though I sounded harsh I felt anything but confident and brave.

The man shifts and folds his hands out in front of him and stands up straighter; great now I’ve done it. I really need to start processing what I’m going to say before I say it.

“You took off your cloths willing remember? You were in a feverish state I was trying to assist you so your clothing had to come off or the heat could have been fatal to you. You have my word that I did nothing improper towards you. I “brought” you down here because it was the coolest place I could find to help bring your temperature down.”

He spoke much softer and slower probably trying to sooth my temper. Now after hearing his explanation I do remember vaguely letting him help me undress, now I-I kind of feel bad.

 I know that sounds crazy, I mean it is his fault that I am in this mess to begin with. Well I guess I don’t know if it was his fault for me getting that hot or not but he did kidnapped me so anything that happens to me I have the right to blame on him, right?

Now I have many questions for him but with just a thin white sheet that I pray he cannot see my black underwear through is making feel very vulnerable and very uncomfortable.  

“I will go and get you some fresh cloths to change into; I will be back as fast as I can, but you must stay down here. There is a jug of water in the bag and some dried fruit help yourself to anything you wish.”

“Why can’t I go with you, I don’t want to stay down here it’s-- very creepy.” I scan the room again and I shiver from the cold and the unnerving feeling of this place.” Where are we anyway?  Why did I get so hot and sick before?” The questions just spill out of my mouth.

He makes a grunting sound from the back of his throat. “Let me get you fresh cloths first then I will answer your questions. I cannot have you with me the way you are as of now.” He inclines is head at my attire or lack thereof. God this is so embarrassing I am standing in front of a man not a boy who kidnapped me while being half naked.

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