Your Crush

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(Thanks to Nya714 for helping me with most of these!)

Cole- Zane

Jay- Lloyd

Zane- Kai

Kai & Nya- Hyde (Thanks too Ice-Ninja for helping me out with this one.)

Lloyd- Cole


Here's a little about Hyde:

Name: Hyde

Age: 16

Appearance: short, Curly scarlet red hair. Grey eyes with a red tint. Black t-shirt, crimson red leather jacket, black cargo pants, black and red high tops and silver dog tags.

Personality:Cocky and a bit arrogant at times. Very trigger happy and with hit first ask questions later. Is seen as annoying and arrogant around others, but those who bring out his soft side see that he's kind, compassionate. And is very protective of those he loves.

Likes: Weapons, cars, and his sweetheart.

Dislikes: Bad guys, thunder, spiders, and clowns.

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