The Aspiration of Detective Broderick Throckmorton

As Detective Broderick "Shadow Buster" Throckmorton, P

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As Detective Broderick "Shadow Buster" Throckmorton, P.I. wakes up, he jumps out of his wife's mattress and begins his morning shower - and, a few minutes later, he would prepare a hot and nourishing breakfast, complete with oatmeal pineapple pancakes, a couple of toasted English muffins, and scrambled eggs made with crumbled bacon. Once his morning routine is completed, the Throckmortons will begin their careers - Broderick, carrying his .500 caliber semi-automatic revolver shadow buster gun, and Bernice, already on her way to the headquarters of The Walt Disney Company in Burbank, 15 minutes away from the Greater Metropolitan Los Angles Area.

A couple of hours later, Detective Throckmorton gets to work on time, when the Shadow Busters Foundation Commissioner Tapp greets him while shaking hands at the same time. He says to Shadow Buster Throck, "Glad you are working on your next case. One of them is a Secret Service  counter-intelligence agent who reveals the identity of a series of pickpockets stealing other human beings' items from various billfolds and apparel pockets... this is a mystery which is about to be interrogated in various courtroom hearings across the nation."

"Glad you're busting the pickpockets who snatch other person's possessions," says Detective Throckmorton.

Commissioner Tapp asks, "Why do these conmen grab items from other people's pockets?

"Good thing these Secret Service agents will snatch everything out of these consumers' pockets when my Shadow Busters Foundation cohorts crack the case!" answer Detective Throckmorton.

"Why are the pickpockets going after the Secret Service?" Commissioner Tapp asks.

Shadow Buster Throck replies, "Somebody's going to get their pockets picked when Secret Service agents Ted Carey and Hugh Holloway search for clues to the mystery.

"Don't git your hopes to turn to the Secret Service when Agent Holloway inspects the case."

"Do you understand the case you and your Shadow Busters teammates, among them Agent Woodward, are conducting, eh?" Commissioner Tapp interrogates again.

Meanehile at Secret Service headquarters in Washington, D.C., Agents Holloway and Carey find out how to foil a pickpocket when professional counterfeiter Mark Soucheray arrives at the scene of the crime.

Soucheray says, "Ted, let's face the facts concerning pickpocketing.

"As you know, Ted, Hugh and your other Secret Service officers will fight against all things pickpocketing and why will many men, women and children seek clues to many larceny-oriented cases, which defy the laws of chicanery, bamboozlement and greed amongst all human beings around the world. It's time we all track the amazing pickpockets and bring them to justice as soon as possible."

Carey asks, "Why are the Secret Service agents like us go after the Shadow Busters in their quest to investigate the mob and how do we have the ability to strike back against pickpocketing conspiracy theories?"

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