The MET Gala Part 4.

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The photoshoot was long and tiring but I'd do anything to spend time with the girls and Kendall. Once I was done with the shoot I talked to the photographer and we discussed a few things before I thanked him and the crew and left. I was driving over to the stylist Kris recommended for me when I got a phone call from Hailey.

Y/n:Hello..."I said putting the phone on speaker hearing a few people in the back talking.

Hailey:"Hey Y/n/n...I just wanted to call to check up on you"She said making me smile a little. I stopped at the red light and looked at the phone smiling.

Y/n:"I'm doing just fine Hails... Just going to get a few more things done and then I'll be back"I said making her hum in response"Need anything?"I asked once the light turned green making me put the car into drive.

Hailey:"Uh could you buy food on the way back...we're all starving and really lazy to make something"She said making me chuckle a little. Once I arrived at the place I parked the car.

Y/n:"Okay I will...have to go now Hails but I'll see you in a few"I said making her hum.

Hailey:"Okay bye! Love you Y/n/n"She said making me smile.

Y/n:"Love you to Hails..."I said and hung up. I quickly made my way into the building making sure that no one sees me in the process. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by many people.

"You much be Y/n"A male voice said making me turn around to be greeted by a man dressed in formal attire. Guess he's the stylist"Greg"He said sticking his hand out making me smile.

Y/n:"Y/n"I said shaking his hand making him smile and take a deep breathe pulling away.

Greg:"I've gotten a lot of instructions from Mrs Jenner to make sure that you have the perfect suit for tomorrow"He said making me chuckle a little. Sounds likes Kris....

Y/n:"Yeah, Kris likes to make sure things are set and done"I said making him laugh a little.

Greg:"Well, I'm guessing we should get started"He said making me nod. It took about half an hour or so for me to find a suit and get whatever small adjustments done before I left.

Y/n:"Thank you so much"I said shaking his hand along with everyone else who helped. After that I left and went to McDonald's to get some food for us.

After I was done ordering I sat down and waited for the food while I took a few pictures with fans and signed a few autograph's. I picked up the food and drove over to the apartment trying not to eat the food right there since I was starving. As soon as I walked inside the door I was attacked by people.

Bella:"Food!"She yelled grabbing the bag from me along with the others making me stare at them.

Abel:"What! We're hungry"He said with his mouth full with chips making me chuckle. I grabbed my meal and drink and sat on the couch eating quietly since I wasn't really in the mood for talking.

Kendall:"Hey...."She said sitting next to me making me stare at her shocked since she hasn't really talked or been this close to me for a while.

Y/n:"Hey..."I said eating a chip making her do the same.

Kendall:"So how was the recording?"She asked making me sigh.

Y/n:"It was good...tiring"I said making her nod. We sat in a silence eating and it was eating me alive since I wanted to ask some questions"Kendall-"I was cut off by her phone making me huff while she answered it.

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