Pirates vs. Ninjas

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The ninjas was training me and Lloyd today. Kai was standing with two stupid looking kitchen gloves on his hands while Lloyd was hitting and kicking on them.

I were stretching. Or more like I had placed my leg on the top of the bunk bed. I was in normal form, and the ninjas being busy chuckling at Lloyd's comments. Lloyd gave small fighting cries every time he hit the gloves.

"Ha! Ha! Hu! Ha! This fury! Ha Uah! Ah! You can't even see a move, I'm so fast! Ha!" Lloyd was going on while he hit the gloves Kai held.

"Sure they can't! They're gloves! They don't have eyes, ya know!" I commented making the ninjas turn to me, only to gasp at how lissome I was. I though, rolled my eyes playfully.

"Save the gloat. It can only be used against your enemy." Kai say to Lloyd.

"Oh please! I'm ready to face whatever you throw at me!" Lloyd say while waving his hand in the air. Then he makes a kick at Kai who falls backwards.

"Woah! Grasshopper! You're not even ready to face my pinky toe." Kai say and wave a little with his foot. 'He doesn't even HAVE toes...' I think and roll my eyes again.

"I see the student has become the teacher. You will learn fast, both of you, with lessons from the four ninjas." Wu say who was sitting behind me drinking tea.

"Great! Now that that lesson is over! How about some target practice!" Cole say and Kai smiled. "On Kai!" Cole added and Kai looked a little worried.

"You each get your turn. But first! I don't want you to be late to your first lesson with Nya." Wu say.

"AW! But when do I learn spinjitzu!?" Lloyd complained.

"Patience. It will only be unlocked when the key is ready to be found." Sensei say making Lloyd groan in disappointment.

"Sound familiar." Cole say talking about Kai.

"I wasn't THAT whiny!" Kai say.

"No. You were worse." Zane say to him.

"Ohh! Snap!" I yell making Jay chuckle.

"Hehehe... Guys, I know we're trying to prepare Lloyd and (Y/N) for the future, but it's hard to give them the best training in these conditions." Jay say.

"Jay's right! I miss the destiny's bounty, too bad it's gone." Cole say and look sad to the last part.

"Hmm... I see your point." Wu say. "Perhaps we could find somewhere else to aid their journey. Oh and (Y/N), don't get late to Nya's training."

"Ops... forgot... fuck!" I say with the curse, then run out from the room and to the roof where Nya was standing with the Ultra dragon.

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