The Promise

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Alex tried to test me. But once I made it clear that I wanted him no matter his gender or body parts, he allowed me in. Figuratively and literally. We probably whispered each other's names and exchanged "I love you" 50 times as we connected. I apologized again for taking so long. And Alex cried tears of happiness.

"I can't believe you stood up and shouted in the middle of the dining hall," Alex remarked as we sat on his bed half naked, eating delivery pizza. "You're such a dork."

"I'm your dork, though. Right?" I smiled.

Alex shifted his eyes and wrinkled his nose, but didn't bother to hide his smile. "You're so cringe." He glanced back at me, then leaned over and kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth.

Stunned, I lost grip of the pizza I was holding and it landed face down on his bedspread. We stared at the fresh red stain and then each other.

"Sorry," I said, then touched my thumb to Alex's bottom lip. "I can't get used to this." His lips weakened me, especially when he was the one initiating.

"You'll have to," Alex said, wrapping his arms around my neck. "Because I'm not holding back."


"Let me know how it goes," Alex told me as he held my hand at the bus stop Monday morning. He slid his hand along my tie.

"Of course." I hugged him. I was going straight back to Ottawa from the interview, so this would be the last time we saw each other until Summer.

We held each other for a long time.

The bus pulled up and I let go of his body but laced our fingers together. "Start searching for apartments," I teased.

Alex smirked and looked me up and down coyly. "Who's putting down the deposit?" He raised his eyebrows.

I blinked, not knowing the answer. Not even having thought about that. Maybe if we pooled our savings together?

Alex chuckled and smiled. "Good luck, Liam," he said, then kissed me.

"Thank you, love."

Blushing, Alex released my hand and I stepped onto the bus, then sat down by the window and looked out. We stared at each other through the glass even as the bus closed its doors and began to pull off. I watched Alex fade into the distance.

Just as he completely disappeared out of sight, I received a text message.

Alex: 'I will love you forever, Liam Santos.'

I grinned, ignoring the urge to jump off the bus and run back into my boyfriend's arms. The next couple of months would be long.

But I'd get through them, and once they were over, Alex and I would be reunited―this time, never to leave each other's sides again.

But I'd get through them, and once they were over, Alex and I would be reunited―this time, never to leave each other's sides again

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