Black Miami

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The cool night air hit him hard turning his pale cheeks the color of his red hair. Looking up at the tiny balls of light that the night sky holds he thought to himself 'another day,another crime' . Sighing he pulled out yet another cigarette ,lit it and let out a slow drag watching the smoke fight with the cool breeze. suddenly he let out a slight snort making the very few people around him stare at him in awkwardness. at this point in his life he didnt care,for all he knew he could die tommorow and he didnt give a shit. he dropped the cigarette and stomped on it putting the smoke out while looking around him for anwsers,to anyhting,there are somethings that google cant find. Life is one big mystery and he has never been able to slove it. no matter how hard he tries. starting to list off everything that is wrong in his life he realized more and more pathetic it was. he was married to a woman he couldnt stand and would sell him in for dirt. he barely knows his kids. he has slept with more prostitutes than he has with his wife. and hes put as many people in jail as he has smoked with and each day seems like his black cloud gets darker and darker. everytime he looks in the mirror hes sees the chris eveyone else sees but when he looks closer he sees a tired,depressed,lowlife,bastard that needs to shave. In his life he has seen ,rapists,killers,child abusers,conmen,thiefs and yet he feels like he qualifies as one of them.

stepping on the front steps listening to the sound of his old,ragged shoes squeak on the wet steps he hesiated into going into his own home. its been two days since hes been there and doesnt know what ttot expect. was Rene going to scream at hi,throw a pan at him like the last time,would his sons finally show some affection towards him or just ignore him like usal. yep his life was sad alright but nothing a couple drags and drinks couldnt fix. for only being 32 he shere was tired of it all but he could never get out he was hooked like fish a dirty fish. every day he puts on his badge and looks at him self and gos to work not alot of people like him but if there was one guy you would want on your side it was him. him and his partner Jack where close they have worked together for 11 years thats a long time for alot of people. some times chris thinks the same some times. but  there was one day  he went to work and had a weird case come acrost his desk it reminded him of a case he was on a long time ago when he firtst started out. 

                                                                              11 years ago

Weeping and all she could do was weep harder. tied to the bed restrained from doing anything about her currrent situation,tired,terrified,losing her mind ,wanting to rip out of her own skin and all she could do was lay there. the ropes burned her plae skin leaving marks on her scared wrists.she felt disgusted with the way he caressed her,slowly brushing his fingers along her cheek as he whispered softly in her ear" shh" trying to calm her down. but the more she cried the more he got frusterated and the scene went from gentle to rage. he ripped her clothes off like they were the vain of his exsistence. he began to suck on her nipple as she let out a loud scream and not of pleasure either. he moved her body with his and un buttoned his pants,so he could jam himself into her sacred temple. when he was finshed with her he jamed a knife inside her causing masive bleeding. The red metalic liquid flowed down her now bare body. Then he dumped her into the near by lake until her cold,almost lifeless body was found two days later.

As he looked at this case he was wondering what is  the point of this why is this coming up now.

Leslie York was nearly dead when she was found at the age of fifteen raped and batered in the towns lake. the news shocked the town but it was soon forgotten blended in with the rest of the shocking crimes.


but this case was almost the same but it was a sixteen year old girl. but she was not as lucky ask Leslie York . this girl Died so Chris thought the case's could be conected some how just did not know  how to prove it. then he saw it  deep in side the case file was the wepon reaport and it matched the gun that was used over 11 years ago.  so now he need to go talk to an old friend Leslie. He even asked his partner if he would like to go but he had a lot of paper work to do. So Chris got in hes old beat up car and left. he drove down  to the house that they sent her to for her safety. As he got closer to the house were they put her flashes of that case went through his mind. then he parked his car and walked up to the front door. he knocked 3 times a man came to the door Chris new him it was the foster father that they placed Leslie with his name was Tim. Tim asked if he could help him with any thing. Chris said well im liking for Leslie i need to ask her some things. Tim said well she dont live here any more. Chris asked do you no were i could find her.

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