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Please take note that all forms should be entered in an inline comment in the category. You can enter at most 3 books in one category. Zoe (picatso) will provide an example.

|c a t e g o r i e s|

Pawsitivity. [stories that may not have a happy start but it sure did capture our hearts with its own happily-ever-after.]

Mew Writers. [for any writer who joined August 1st of last year until now, test your luck by joining here.]

Hisstorian. [any story that messes with history.]

Cheshire. [stories that are as mischievous as the cat in Alice in Wonderland.]

Litterature. [stories or poems that you think are written by Shakespurr himself.]

Hissterically Purrfect. [stories that made us cry, laugh and say every curse word we know because of how amazing it is. basically, these are stories that made us crazy.]

Clawver. [any stories with clever plots.]

Scaredy Cat. [stories that are horrifyingly good.]

Randmeow. [stories that don't fit in the categories above.]

|n o t e|

Regardless of the genre of your book, you can enter in any of these. We suggest you look at the guidlines first but we know you'll just enter in the category you felt you had the best chance with or the category with the least entries. Are we right or are we right?

-the cats

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