The Visit - Part 6

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"Hey!" Alex's friend Jay exclaimed as we walked up to him on the university sidewalk. I was surprised they didn't hug considering how many times I'd seen them cuddled up next to each other in pictures.

"Hey, Jay." Alex gestured to me. "This is Liam."

Jay lifted his chin in greeting. "Hi, how's it going?"

"Great. Really glad to be here with Alex are those the vouchers?" I replied, not taking a breath.

Jay glanced down to where he held the two vouchers to the art museum in his hand. "Oh, yeah." He handed them to Alex.

"Thanks so much," Alex said.

"No problem. Elias and I definitely weren't going to go."

"Elias?" I questioned.

"Jay's boyfriend."

"He is not my boyfriend."

Alex rolled his eyes.

"Your boyfriend is okay with you sleeping over with Alex?" I asked.

Jay raised an eyebrow. "Sleeping over?"

Alex rolled his eyes again. "He was there hanging out when he spilled the food. He didn't sleep over."

"Oh!" Jay winced. "Did the stain come out?"

"Oh, fuck!" Alex cursed. "I forgot to put it in the laundry again. Why didn't you remind me, Liam?"

"Priorities," I replied.

"You slept in that?" Jay asked me, grinning.

"I slept with Alex."

Alex scrunched his face, looking grossed out. "Don't word it like that."

Jay looked at me and blinked a few times, then looked off like he was thinking.

"Alex, we should get going."

"Oh, right. Thanks again, Jay."

"No problem." Jay suddenly pulled Alex into a hug.

Alex didn't hug back and instead stood there looking perplexed.

"Nice meeting you, Liam," Jay said after looking at me, then waved and walked off.

"Liam," Alex took my wrist and pulled me, "let's go."

"Yeah," I said, staring at his hand... confused by my urge to take hold of it.

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