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again, if you were one of the people that commented something like 'i want to die' at Lumos telling Aurora (who neither have met before as family) 'hot', please stop reading my book.

also i know the last chapter was a little anticlimactic, but it was because the alternative ending would have been a cliff hanger and I decided not to have one. sorry the chapter was a little sub par.

Flashes of colors, jewels, and happy smiles encompassed the room, women, men, and all those in between, stared at their mates lovingly.

And for a second, as Blaze sat next to Aurora proudly gleaning over his pack, everyone was laughing and twirling about, and Max was stuffing his face at the chocolate fountain, it seemed as if everything was okay.

That Blaze and Aurora had absolutely no problems, that she missed her father and brother, Daniel, dearly, or that Lumos was probably somewhere in a corner all alone, cleaning up the blood and tending to the wound of transporting Aurora.

For a second it seemed like everything  was peaceful. 

But then, she was brought back to reality. 

A large figure stood in front of them, his back to Aurora and Blaze. Aurora was able to identify his scent as Xavier, the man that helped take her from her old pack.

He tapped the microphone, causing a loud bass sound to emit through the room.

And then he started to speak.

"Welcome to the 149th Annual Pack Ball," Xavier paused for cheering and clapping throughout the room, "While this microphone is completely unnecessary, I though I'd be a little mundane today, because god knows I'm not in bed."

Laughter erupted throughout the room and Xavier sent a wink to a blushing girl near the side of the stage.

Blaze leaned over toward Aurora and whispered in her ear.

"The pack ball is more of a gathering where the pack can dance and joke freely, and just hang around without having to worry about their position in the pack and offending others. Xavier is known for his 'funny' openers."

Blaze pulled back, and Aurora formed an 'o' shape with her mouth knowingly, looking back at the crowd.

Xavier was talking animatedly, and looked over to see Blaze deeply enthralled with what he was saying, laughing a long with the crows. 

And for a second, again, Aurora felt weird.

She felt like she didn't belong.

She looked out at the crowd, some leaning on each other, some passing money to others when Xavier mentioned his mate, and some just wrangling their crazy children.

Aurora was shaken from her thoughts when she heard Xavier say, "And now we will hear an address from Alpha Ezra Blaze."

Deafening clapping filled the room, causing Aurora to want to cover her ears. Xavier moved to stand to the right of Aurora's seat sending her a small smile, before resuming to his position of looking up and at the crowd.

"I'd say good night, as it is the night time, not evening, but in humane culture that suggests I'm leaving and that it is time for the party to end. I can assure you the exact opposite. Tonight, I want you to forget about the hundred meter sprints I most definitely are going to make you run tomorrow, I want you all to have fun."

Cheers erupted throughout the room, and when they died down, Blaze continued.

"But first, I have announcements to make. As your alpha, it has always been my duty to be completely honest with you about the political and personal going ons of this pack. And that is what I'm planning on doing. I'm sure you're away that recently one of our own was abducted by a rogue. He has since been returned, however this wasn't just one rogue acting alone, it's a whole pack."

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