Part 2: 1 - The Unsettled

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William Novel was not amused when he was forced by some busybody in Human Resources to take an additional 2 weeks off work. Nothing at work would be happening and his caseload would be a mess.

Cassie was not feeling so good. There was a slowly tightening knot in the pit of her stomach that made its presence known almost constantly. The cat had managed to nearly give her a heart attach in her first week back at the flat it had hurtled it's way into a window in an unsuccessful attempt to catch a Robin sat on the windowsill.

Novel – who had run out of the ability to cope with watching 'homes under the hammer' – returned to work before Cassie. The morning of his return to work, news of what had happened in Ireland began to filter through into the National press. A Crimestoppers appeal for additional witnesses ensured that Mohammed's not particularly handsome face was branded about for all to see.

His return to the office surprised him in a way he had not anticipated. His office was surprisingly organised. Most of it was to his liking – although the 'fresh looking' vase of flowers did end up in the bin.

"Hello Sir," greeted the voice of Sofia from the door. She had settled herself in the doorway with a cup of tea in her hand. Looking up from his keyboard, Novel noticed a second mug had appeared on his desk. She was now staring at the now empty vase with a slight grin on her face, "A no to the flowers then?"

"Definitely a no," although he did give her an uncharacteristic nod of thanks for the coffee.

About half an hour later the phone started to ring. Novel stared at the object as if it was something foreign. However, after a few rings he picked it up and put it against his ear.

"Chief Inspector Novel?" asked a male voice at the other end of the phone.


"I'm agent Smith from the Serious Crime Unit," continued the unfamiliar voice at the other end of the phone line, "you were involved in the arrest of a number of serious gang members. We want you and your Deputy on the case. We believe your additional awareness of this gang will assist the investigation. I have agreement of your superiors. You're both being seconded to my team."

Novel made sure that he was fully briefed on the final fates of the men n the warehouse.

All of those handcuffed at the scene had been taken to the Serious Crime Unit and thoroughly cross examined. Some had agreed to a deal. However, the breadcrumbs they had provided on a human trafficking ring would need to be substantiated before that were able to follow through on the promise of shortened jail time.

As Novel began to stare at his desk, he realised the rest of the day seemed to lack all of the excitement of the previous couple of weeks. Even the paperwork seemed to have been completed – an unusual occurrence.

That evening Novel headed back to the flat to find that Cassie had left hm a portion of cold pasta bake on the side. He decided that the best idea for him next plan of action was to eat it quickly now – before informing her that she would be returning to work on Monday.

"You snuck in," she commented, noticing the now empty plate by the sink as she headed towards the kettle.

"I was hungry," he responded.

Cassie looked quickly towards the door. She'd hardly been out since she'd got home, "you sure you locked it properly?"

He nodded before delivering the news, "We're being sent off to work with the Serious Crime Unit for a while. Start Monday and we'll be living away in secure accommodation. Might be worth packing a toothbrush or something."

With that, he left the room.


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