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David escorted you to the quarantine, there was a boy your age, he had one eye, the other one covered with bandages.
David: Stay here (Y/N), and don't make things worse.
David and his guards left, and you were stuck until you had to go bring your group back.
You: Well shit.
Boy: What's with you?
You: They're gonna force me into bringing my group into the community, I don't want them to become slaves here.
Boy: Names Carl, yours?
You: (Y/N). What have you been up to lately?
Carl: My group got separated when the new frontier came in, we were on the road until bullets started flying. One bullet hit a tire and we lost control. Everyone escaped but me, now I have to find them, but I can't survive without weapons.
You: So we both gotta escape, well how?
Carl: Well, there's this window, we should be able to escape, if we break the window and pry the bars off.
You: Look, a metal pipe, this should help us.
You pick up the pipe, it was sturdy, it should work.
Carl: Hang on, put the chair by the window, then you smash the window, then we can pry it open.
You: Alright.
You get on the chair, and smash the window with the pipe.
Carl: Kinda loud don't you think?
You: Well, if you had any other ideas, should have said it earlier, it's too late to back away now.
You manage to pry off bars and exited through the broken window, being careful of not touching any of the shards of glass. Carl followed along.
Carl: Alright, now that's dealt with, what now.
You: We should raid the armory if we're gonna escape, I have some stuff to recover.
Carl: Then we should get going.
Time skip to armory
There's two guards in front of the armory doors. You and Carl hid behind a garbage bin.
Carl: Fuck, what now?
You: We gotta find something to distract them with, try and find something.
Carl: There's a window over there, by the abandoned building, maybe we can smash it.
You: But with what?
You look around and find a rock on the floor.
Carl: We could use that.
You: I'll throw it at the window, causing the guards to check it out, and that's when we go.
Carl: Sounds good, carry on.
You get up and quickly throw the rock at the window of building nearby.
Guard 1: What was that?
Guard 2: The hell?
Guard 1: Secure the perimeter.
The two guards walk towards the building and walk in.
Carl: Now!
You run to the doors of the armory and enter, Carl followed behind. You walked through the hallways of the place and eventually find it.
You: Wow, not even locked, my lucky day.
You open the door to find the armory stacked with guns, ammo, and other sorts. Your blade was sitting on the table.
You: There we go.
Carl: That yours?
You: Out of all the stuff here, yeah.
Carl: Lets take what we only need, we do have to figure out how to escape.
You: Let's hope we figure out later on. Grab that duffel and start.
Carl: They even have armor!
You: We could use it.
Carl: Let's put it on.
Time skip to when they finish
You were armed with and assault rifle, two pistols strapped to your legs, your blade on your back, a knife, and equipped some badass armor.

Time skip to when they finishYou were armed with and assault rifle, two pistols strapped to your legs, your blade on your back, a knife, and equipped some badass armor

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What you wore

What Carl woreCarl was equipped with a pistol, a shotgun, and two knifes

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What Carl wore
Carl was equipped with a pistol, a shotgun, and two knifes.
Carl: Ready?
You: Yeah, now we find a vehicle.
Carl: Like what?
You: We'll find out when we get there.
You hear bullets from a far.
Carl: Any ideas?
You: Our ticket out of here, cmon!
Guard 1: The front gate is getting damaged, we gotta get over there!
Guard 2: Lets go.
Explosions were heard.
Carl: Shit..
You: We have to hurry, now!
You exit the armory when you see the front gates open.
Carl: Look at those motorbikes, we could use those to escape.
You: Let's go.
You hope on the black motorcycle while Carl gets on the red motorcycle.
You: You gonna come with me?
Carl: I gotta find my group, but I hope we meet again.
You: So this is goodbye.
Carl: Maybe, hopefully we see each other again someday.
You: I'll see you around.
Carl nods and drives towards to open gate, you drive to the gate as well.
What the hell is going on?!
Time skip cuz I'm lazy
You reach the cabin, where the group was last.You get off your bike and knock on the door. Luke opens the door and in shock when he sees you.
Luke: You alive!
You: I know, I know.
You walk in and see Kenny, Bonnie, Mike, and Shel in the living room.
Mike: Your back.
You: And more badass then before.
Shel: You don't need to rub it in.
She says chuckling.
You: Where's Clem?
Everyone give each other sad looks.
Bonnie: She was devastated when we came back without, she's locked herself with AJ in her room.
You: Let me talk to her.
Shel: Of course.
You walk down the hallway and to your room. You try to open in but it's locked.
You: Clem, it's me.
Clem: (Y/N)!?
The door opens quickly.
Clem: (Y/N)!
Clem gives you a tight hug, you hug back.
You: I've missed you so much Clem..
Clem: I've lost part of myself when you didn't come back.
You: I know Clem, I love you.
Clem: I love you too.
You let go and Clem gives you a kiss that last what seemed for ages. Clem lets go when she's out of breath.
You remember Richmond, how it was taken over.
Clem: What's wrong?
You: Richmond... Richmonds been taken over.
Clem: What!?
You: This group, the New Frontier, they took it over, turned it into their own. Luckily, I got out, and with the stuff I needed.
Clem: That explains the badass suit of armor.
You: Well, where's AJ?
Clem: He's asleep.
You: Well, it's almost nighttime.
Clem: And you need rest, lots.
You: I need to take off this suit though.
Clem: Let me help you.
Time skip when the suit is off
Clem: Finally, well, lets go to sleep.
You get in bed with Clem.
Clem: How did you escape?
You: That's a story for tomorrow.
Clem: Fine, good night cutie.
You: Night Babe.
Clem slept in your arms, finally, the nightmare is over, for now.....

Hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter, I know that I couldn't update, but I've been busy. I start school in a week and that's what I'm not looking forward to that much. But anyways, see you guys in the next chapter.

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