Chapter 16

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Clarke's pov

"Do you remember when she said that Bellamy and her need to work on her campaign so she can be the Queen of the winterdance?" I asked her.

"Yeah?" Octavia said confused.

"Well, we and our friends are the ones who organize the dance. We can't choose who wins the crown, but we can just lie about who won." I said exited.

"That is an amazing idea Clarke, but I think we shouldn't get others involved with this so let's do this without people finding out." Octavia said.

"Okay. Good night." I said.

"Good night." She said back and we started to sleep.


"Clarke you need to wake up or we are going to be late for school." Octavia was yelling at me.

"Okay." I said and got up. I took my clothes from my bag and changed.

After that we both had changed our clothes and done our hair and make up we went downstairs to eat breakfast. When we got their we saw Bellamy and Gina kissing. When they noticed us they stopped and left the room. We ate cereal for breakfast and not too long after we had finished we left for school. Bellamy drove us there and the car ride was really awkward. Gina didn't say a word to me, and that was good. We have about two months until the winterdance. So we have plenty of time to plan the revenge and plan the dance. After school we had a meeting about the dance. There were Octavia, Raven and even Jasper and Monty came to help.

"So it's a winterdance and that means that we need to use decorations that goes with it."Octavia said as everyone sat around the cafeteria table.

"Jasper and I can try to make fake snow." Monty said.

"Perfect! We still need to buy the decorations, decorate the school gym, make and print the tickets and get a DJ." Octavia said reading from her to-do list.

"I can make and print the tickets." Raven said and Octavia smiled in respons.

"So that leaves Clarke and I with shopping for the decoratings and I think that we can all decorate the gym together." Octavia said.

"That sounds good." I said and everyone nodded in respons.


I was just finishing decorating the gym with Octavia when she came over.

"Hey, everyone will vote for the queen tomorrow so that will leave us with a day to make all the fake votes just in case someone suspects anything and wants to count the votes." Octavia whispered.

"Okay. Hey, do you have a dress for the dance?" I asked Octavia.

"No, do you?" she answered.

"Nope." I said and laughed.

"I still can't believe that I will be going to the dance alone." Octavia said dissapointed.

"You are not going alone, you are comming with Finn and I." I said trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah I know, but still it would be nice to have a date." She said quietly.

Just as she finished her sentence the gym door flew open. I saw Atom walking in. He had something in his hand. It was a shoebox. She walked to Octavia and opened the box. Inside it had a pair of light blue shiny high heels. Just like in Cinderella, one of Octavia's favorite movies.

"If the shoe fits, will you go to the dance with me?" Atom asked nervously.

"I guess we need to find out." Octavia said and smiled as she took the shoes out of the box and tried them on.

"It's a perfect fit." She said smiling. Atom looked so happy and relieved as she hugged him.

"Clarke did you know about this?" She asked me as she broke the hug.

"Yes." I said and smiled.

"Hey by the way Clarke, thank you for telling me her shoe size." Atom said and smiled.

"No worries." I answere smiling back. They looked so cute together holding hands. When Finn asked me to the dance he just gave me a rose.

I wonder if Atom told Bellamy that he was about to ask her sister. Everyone who knows Bellamy know how protective he is over Octavia. Well I guess that if someone is going to take her to the dance Atom is a good choice because he already knows him and he is a nice guy.

"Hey O, do you need a ride back hom-" Bellamy yelled at Octavia but stopped talking when he saw Octavia and Atom holding hands.

"What the hell?!" Bellamy said and started to walk towards them.

Atom pushed Octavia behind her. I ran to stand next to Atom.

"Hey Bellamy, don't worry I just asked her to the dance with me. Nothing more I hope that it is fine." Atom said and you could hear that he was scared. I mean who wouldn't be, Bellamy can be scary.

"Oh well that's just great. You didn't think about asking me first, if you can even ask her to go to the dance in the first place?" Bellamy said and he sounded angry.

"Why should he ask you? You are not my dad. You are my brother and Atom is your friend and a nice guy so I don't see the problem here." Octavia shouted.

"That's the problem he is my friend." Bellamy yelled back at her.

"What did you think, that I would never date anyone or go to a dance with anyone? Well you thought wrong big brother." Octavia yelled. After that the gym was silent

"Clarke let's go find us dresses for the winterdance." Octavia said to me and we started to walk out of the gym, Octavia was still in her high heels so we didn't walk very fast.

"Do you really think that you can go to the dance?" Bellamy said as he grabbed Octavia's hand.

"Try and stop me." Octavia said back and broke herself free from Bellamy's grip.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope you guys don't mind the time jumps because there will  be a few more of those in the next chapters and don't worry guys there will be some Bellarke moments in the future :).

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