Chapter 4

((Jay's Point of View))

Damn it. She really didn't need to hear what we were planning. I didn't want her to get involved. She was only going to slow Wallace and I down.

On the other hand I could just not tell her. I knew she would figure out some way to inform the cops though. Especially if she told them Wallace was apart of it. Wallace hasn't kept to himself as I have. They would definitely believe that he was going to escape. Bitch is crafty.

I could lie to her. Chris would see right through that though. She's smart. Smarter then I give her credit for.

“I'll tell you back in the room.” I promised,

“If you don't then I swear I will make you wish you were never born.” she snarls. “Oh and don't you dare lie to me.”

“I won't.”

She then get's up and struts out of the room and back towards the cell. She had left in such a hurry it was a wonder flames weren't trailing behind her.

“Are you really going to tell her what we are planning?” Wallace asks me.

I nod. “Yes.”

“She could blow all of it up.” he tells me.

“But she could also help us.” I told him.

“How so?”

“She's a female. An attractive female. She is more likely to get information from males then we are.” I said.

“She does have a nice ass.” he says. He then shakes the thought of it out of his head. “All right. She can join us.”

“Well, I better go inform her now.” I said.

And with that, I stood up to throw away my tray. I avoided everyone who might stop me from going to Chris. Everyone meaning the enemies she had so eagerly made with her short time here. It was as if she wanted people to hate her. That's beside the point though. What mattered was to get her to agree to help us on our escape. Which I think she will.

She was there, sitting on her cot in the cell. Chris looks up to me as I enter the cell. I wait until the guards leave before I sit down next to her.

“I need you to do something so that I can tell you what is the plans.” I said, glancing over at the cameras.

Chris follows my gaze with her eyes. “Oh, all right.”

“Lay back, I am going to climb on top of you. I will peck your lips. Then I will whisper our plans in your ear. Act like you are being told......intimate things.” I told her.

She giggles. “Mhmmmm.”

I barely held back a grin. She played the part so well already.

She lays back down. I climb on top of her, gently laying my body on top of her's. I kiss her lips softly, while rubbing her arm with one hand. Then I leaned in to her ear.

“Wallace and I are planning to escape.” I said.

She gasps a true and genuine gasp.

“We want you to come with us though. I can see you want to get out of here just as much as we do.” I said.

Her hands find their way to my short hair, which she starts twisting around her finger. Chris bites her bottom lip, looking deep in thought.

“You have skills that could help us. Skills that we do not possess.” I tell her.

The hand that isn't in my hair moves to my shirt. She goes up it, rubbing my back so that the cameras could see it. Then she moves towards my front, rubbing my abs. It was so hot I wanted to moan, but I had to keep my train of thought. This was all part of the plan.

“So are you up for it?” I whisper closer to her ear this time.

She surprises me by flipping us over. Now she is on top of me. I couldn't help but gulp as her hair tickles my face. She moves her face down, places a short but passionate kiss on my face.

“Yes.” was all she said to me before she got up and presses the button to get out of the cell for a bathroom break.

Guards came then escorted her to the restroom.

Yes, she would be a great addition to our team.

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