The Crying Game (COMING SOON)

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Recently, a supporter of my story TGC PM'd me and was telling me how much they enjoyed it. While we were talking, they reminded me of one of the first ever stories I had written. I was around nine or ten and at the time, I loved mysteries. That's when I created Janice Cooper, a talented, badass freelance detective who the NYPD often called on to help solve cases.

These past couple of weeks, I've been working on a new project and so far, I really like it. I'm thinking of releasing it either sometime kind of late in this month or sometime next month. Here's the cover:

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Here's the synopsis:

Being a freelance detective isn't easy. Especially for a woman. But Janice Cooper has made a name for herself ever since the murder of the rich French baron case she solved the year before.

But as fall shakes the leaves from the trees, chilling murders begin to take place all over New York City. Bodies of young girls are found with their eyes gouged out and their necks drained dry, leaving nothing but a trail of blood on their cheeks.

As the citizens of New York City become more restless, Janice is called on the case by the desperate chief of police to solve the murders that quickly become known as "Maidens of Sorrow." But Janice will end up venturing into a world further from normalcy and deeper into the arms of insanity.

I can't wait to share it with you. Per usual, the first ten or so chapters will be available on Radish and the first three will be available on Wattpad. I will update from Radish to Wattpad every week like I do for most of my stories.

Keep an eye out for Janice, I really think you're going to enjoy her adventure.

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