Hell's Grim Tyrant

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You think id dub myself insane if I could hear these "zombie/Demon" things but no I knew better than to open my mouth and blab to a bunch of people like they were my fucking psychiatrists, especially if they are the ones who absolutely hate these things.

Hands out over the flame I watched as the fire licked and grew bigger from within the can, last night's gruesome blood fight left everyone tired, and after all 500 or so things were killed I passed out. Scanning the area of the giant ware house I realized that all these people depended on the hunters, the people who killed these things. There were babies and kids no older than 3 and teenagers walking around with other kids their age, huts and small shakes were built in the ware house for the families that were here. If the hunters didn't do their job they became the hunted, then everyone would be really screwed

"Hey kid, mind if I join you?"

I looked up to find an old dark skin man, with perfect graying hair and crinkles in the sides of his eyes

"Yeah no problem" I replied  

The man walked over to the fire and I noticed his left leg dragged as he walked but I couldn't see any damage due to the heavy clothing he was wearing, perfect silence went on until he spoke.

"I'm Ray and you?" Ray said looking up across from the fire, shadows danced on his old frail skin

"Danielle "

Ray nodded and continued to stare at the fire, and then the smell of strong lavender filled the air, so sweet I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. When I opened my eyes Ray's head was bent and his eyes went from brown to coal black with no white showing. He smiled so big it seemed to reach ear to ear

"So you're the boy who everyone's raving about, I could see why you're so different from the other humans" Ray said

Except this Ray didn't sound like him, because when he talked he sounded horse; this Ray talked fast and his voice sounded dead and dry like the girl at the hospital.  

"Ray" tilted his head back and closed his eyes before cracking his neck

"I can tell you something though it feels good to get out after 1000 somewhat years, I enjoy your earth and too bad we are going to have to..." before he could finish, he went limp and fell to the ground. I stood there stupefied to move but finally did around the fire then realized Ray was dead.

Alice came rushing over with a group of heavy armed guys behind her

"What the hell happened?" she said voice filled with concern as she bent down next to Ray and took his pulse

"He got possessed or something and the thing possessing him started talking to me, I'm sorry I didn't call for help I was too..."

I couldn't continue because I felt a wave of nausea coming then heaved behind the fire away from Rays body, stomach acid and the little I had to eat came up. Two guys stepped forward and took Ray away as Alice approached me, and put a hand on my shoulder getting close.

"Hey don't worry Okie, this happened last week these things seem to be getting stronger everyday and posses the week more" Alice voice sounded with dread and concern

I looked up at her and nodded before getting up and facing her

"Anyways, come with me where taking you on your first hunt to town" Alice smiled but the smile didn't reach her eyes

I followed her with silence and passed a lot of sleeping people, Alice walked by all of them and acknowledged their presence and told them good night. She was weird and tough for a girl I knew that for sure and cared about every signal person in here.

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