Chapter THIRTEEN ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

Nothing much really happened at school this week

I decided to go to Harvey's house
I walked to their house
"Ow!" I tripped
"Oh I'm sorry" the boy said
"Watch it Lucas!" I said
In case you forgot, he's my ex

I rolled my eyes and continued walking
"Kayleigh wait!" He said
I turned around
"What?" I said
"Are you dating someone?" He said
"Why do you even care?" I said
"Because i still love you!" He said
I cringed
"No thanks" i said and walked away

Well he just dumped me for a different girl
How great is that.

I knocked on the door
"Hey Kayleigh!" Harvey said and hugged me really tight
"Hey Harv" i said and went inside

"So..." he smirked
I pushed his face
"What was that for?" He said
"You're weird" i said
"I know i am" he said
We watched a movie
And i felt Harvey's arms around my shoulders
He rested his head on my shoulders
What a cutie.

The movie finished and Harvey fell asleep on my lap
I tried to wake him up
"Harveyyy" i said
I lightly shook him
"Nooo" he groaned
I chuckled
"C'mon harv" i said
"But I don't want to" he whined
"Well you have to" i said
"Fine" he stood up

We talked for a few hours and Max came in the house with their dog
"Hey Kayleigh! Meet Pippa, our dog" he said
"Aww she's cute!" I said
Pippa ran outside the garden

"So, what are you guys doing?" Max asked
"Nothing really" Harvey said
"Mhmm" Max smirked
"I can literally show you to the door right now" Harvey said
"i'm kidding okay" he chuckled
Harvey rolled his eyes and Max went upstairs

"Hey Kayla" He said
"Yeah?" I said
"Do you wanna sleepover here?" He asked
"Sure, let me call my mum and ask" i said
I grabbed my phone and phoned my mum

"She said i'm allowed to" i said
"Yes!!" He said and hugged me
"Aww you're happy aren't you?" I said
"Mhm" he nodded


We ate dinner and i sat down between Max and Harvey
"Mum can me and Kayleigh sleep in the guest room?" Harvey asked
"Uhm sure" Sara said
"Thanks mum!" He said and smiled at me
I smiled back

After dinner, i went upstairs to the guest room
"Shoot." I said
"What's wrong?" Harvey asked
"I didn't bring clothes" i said
"You can wear mine" he said
"Okay?" I said

He went to his and Max's room and grabbed some clothes
"Here you go" he handed me the clothes
"Thanks" i said
I went to the bathroom and changed
The shirt is kind of big but its really comfortable
It smells good too ?

I went back to the room and saw Harvey shirtless

"Oh my days Harvey!" I said
"What?" He laughed
"You should've locked the door!" I said
"Well you should've knocked" he said, still laughing
"I didn't know you're going to change" I started to laugh a bit
"I know you like what you see" He smirked
I blushed
"Harvey!" I said
"What?" He said
"You're such an egg" i said
"Wow I'm offended" he said, jokingly

I went to the bed and checked on my phone
I felt Harvey's arms around me
I smiled
"You're cute" he said
I blushed
I stroked his hair and he liked it
I stopped doing it and kissed his forehead

"Why did you stop?" He said
"I don't know" I shrugged
"Do it again please" he said
I shook my head
"Please?" he stuck his bottom lip out
"Fine" I rolled my eyes and smiled

"Kayla?" He said
"Yes?" I said
He sat up and pressed his lips against mine
"Always remember that i love you" he said
"And I love you too" i said
He kissed me again and i did kiss back
And well...
It kind of turned into a make out session

We both pulled away
I buried my head on his chest and after a few minutes, I drifted off to sleep
So did he

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