When I Met You

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“Marte! Marte! Come on we are going to be late!” my cousin yelled from her obnoxious barbie car. It was a convertible, painted bright pink to go with everything else she owned. And what she seemed to be wearing today was no exception. A light pink crop top with a neon pink skin tight mini skirt. And i'm guessing skyscraper high pink high heels. I on the other hand was wearing black jeans and a gray long sleeve top to match. I wasn't into the whole barbie look my cousin had. My mum says I get it from my dad. Of course she would say that, i'm the spitting image of him while my cousin is the look-a-like our twin mothers.

I walked out of my brand new hell. Home. The house we moved into just yesterday. You could say I wasn't happy about moving. After years of new house after new house I was tired of it. Including since I had finally started enjoying the last place we lived. I had finally started making friends. Not the ones you make for just the school year and then move on to new friends next year. But friends for life. I didn't want to leave them, but what father says goes. At least this time I would know someone.

And that's were Jessalyn comes in. my wannabe only cousin. She was one of those girls you see that follows the popular kids round acting like she belonged with them. But in truth, if she cut the stupid act stopped bleaching her hair and got rid of the crap on her face.. she could blow those kids out of the water. She was perfect. She was smart, pretty and athletic. But acted like a complete slut because 'that's how your suppose to act to be popular' as she puts it.

I jumped into her car and smiled at her throwing my bag in the back. She finished applying yet another layer of red lip gloss on her already cherry red lips, and look at me. Her smile slowly disappeared as she assessed my attire. She groaned shaking her head.

“Marte! What happened?! I thought we agreed on the outfit I picked out for you last weekend?!” she screeched. I sighed shaking my head. By outfit she meant the same thing she was wearing but in blue. She should know by now I don't wear that stuff. Even standing next to her makes me feel ridiculous, if I had worn that outfit- if you could call it that- I think I would have died.

“it's uh.. in the wash?”

“it was brand new!” she exclaimed but soon gave up. Knowing she wasn't going to win. “whatever, I don't want to be late, the sexy 6 are probably waiting for me.”

I rolled my eyes at the name. 'sexy 6' who the hell came up with that? It annoyed me to know end that the popular crowd acknowledge themselves as the people who ran the school. I mean even the set rules they have were stupid. Like you couldn't sit in their spots, aka the best spots all over the school, you couldn't talk to them if they didn't talk to you first, and you could never ever be in their way or they will give you hell. Whoopee! Like I care. I just wanted to get this school year over with and move back to London.

I loved London. It was where I was born and where I spent most of my life. After I graduated I was going to go to college there. Move in with Cindee, my best friend. She was the first friend I ever made and we haven't lost touch in 6 years. Luckily, I wouldn't have to wait so long to see her, thanks to her amazing mum I would be seeing her in about a week.


We got to the school with 15 minutes to spare. I go out of the car trying to ignore all the eyes I was attracting. I had been through this so many times, but it never made it anymore normal. I hated being in that spot light. Like everyone is judging you on what group you fit into. Most of the time I get put with the loners. I walked up the steps looking down at my feet trying to just disappear. I didn't like being judged. I had gone through it so many times. But it also interested me. The fact that one place may think i'm a loner. The next think i'm emo or something. And then they think i'm just plan trouble. Which I wouldn't say is all untrue.

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