i woke up naked in the hot emo boy's bedroom?!?

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i peeled my eyes open. i was so tired. i looked around at the black walls that surrounded me. posters of goth bands were plastered on different parts of the

walls. i wasn't in my room. i shot up like a bullet. i looked in the mirror directly across from the bed i was laying on. my hair was a mess, my eyeliner was

smudged and droopy, and i was COMPLETELY NAKED! i quickly pulled the covers over myself. i noticed my jeans on the floor. i slid off of the bed quietly, just

incase. i pulled my jeans on and then looked around for my shirt. i couldn't remember what i was wearing yesterday. i heard a door close and i panicked. i

went into the closet and grabbed a t-shirt from the giant blob of black, black, and more black. on the front it had a picture of some guy putting up the finger. i

didn't even bother to care. i ran and grabbed the cold brass door nob. i turned it slowly and carefully making sure i was unheard. i pulled the door towards me

and saw a hallway. a figure was moving towards me. i was afraid. eventually i could see him.

it was scott- that emo boy from school. what was he doing here... why was he only wearing a towel around his waist?? he smiled at me. i used to crush on

scott. he was beautiful. with his ink black hair that swept over his eyes, his pale white skin, and his piecing dark eyes. scotty the hotty. thats what i used to call

him. but he was always so mysterious. he didn't talk to anybody around school- let alone smile at them. "wha- what am are you doing here?? where is 'here'

exactly??" i stammered. he tilted his gorgeous head. "what are you talking about katie? what drug are you on?" he said extremely low key. "Im serious. i need

to get out of here..." i said just before turning to leave. scott grabbed my shoulder. "and just where do you think your going?" he grinned. "HOME?" his smile

slowly faded away. "kate, i don' think you should be joking right now," he pulled me in for a hug. i jerked back. "i don't know what you did to me last night,

because i don't remember! did you drug me?! did you rape me?!? i just want to go home to my mom and dad!!!" i shouted. i was starting to cry. i felt like scott

had taken my innocence. "you really don't know what's going on do you kate?" he said putting his face in his hands. "DID YOU JUST GET THE MEMO??" i

cried. "i'm leaving!!" i said. then i started to run faster then i ever had.

tears were streaming down my face as i got further and further. a door stopped me. i collapsed on the floor and broke down sobbing. scott came over to me

and started rubbing my back. i didn't stop him. "go ahead. leave. but your not going to find anything." he said as calmly as possible. "my parents will send you

to jail for this!!" i screamed. "it kills me every time this happens. it kills me when i have to tell you the truth. i hate having to see you like this, and i hate what i

have to do to you." i stopped crying for a second to look at him. he looked me deep in the eyes. "i'm scott- i don't know if you remember me or not, but we have

been dating for 1 and 1/2 years. you live with me and my mom. you have lived here for 2 years. you came when you parents- steve and karen- died in a car

crash. im sorry that i always have to break this to you when it happens. i wish i ccould just let you live in your fantasy world, but i can't. i love you too much to

do that to you."

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