Who Is Trey?

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Nicki's P.O.V.

As we went to go get ready I saw August looking at me from upstairs.

"What the-" I said rubbing my eyes then ran up the steps to see him in my room.

"Hey" he said walking over to me and hugged me but I couldn't hug back.

"Hey and how come I can touch you but you can't touch me?" I asked and he looked down at me.

"Idk but do you want me to teach you how" he said and I nodded.

"Okay focus on me and try to do it" he said and I tried to do but lost focuse.

"No you have to stay focused" he said reaching his hand out so I could touch it.

I focused on his hand and grabbed it swinging it back and forth.

"I ain't say swing it back and forth" he said then starred out the room.

"I used to have a friend named Chris....... He died around here have you seen him.... He died a little after me but they never found his body either. I think I just saw him walk past" August said still looking at the door and grabbed my hand.

"Wassup man" Chris said popping up out of nowhere making me jump.

"Wassup man!!" August yelled as they dapped each other up.

"Who did this to you?" Chris asked August sitting on my dresser.

"You remember when I told you about my new step mom" Chris nodded "she did this shit and guess who helped her hide the body" August continued.

"Who?" Chris asked.

"Trey!!" August yelled making Chris shake his head.

"Who did this to you" August asked Chris.

"Trey shot me man...... He was trying to get pac but we was walking together... we both died but they put some seament over our body and pac's hand was sticking up when it dried so they got his body" Chris said and this time August shook his head.

"Damn that's sad man" August said.

"Knock Knock" I heard Bey say walking into my room but stopped in her tracks starring at something.

"I thought y'all was dead.................... did y'all fake y'all deaths" Bey said looking at Chris and August.

"WHAT!!" We all yelled except Bey.

"What?" she asked confused "and Chris I been seeing you alot lately so I know you ain't dead" she continued.

"Soo this whole time you could see me BUT you ain't say shit" Chris asked looking at her.

"I didn't say anything because you seemed like you was hiding and I just didn't tell nobody you where here" she said and everybody looked at her.

"And when I was going to tell Nicki was staring at you so I was like ok I'm not seeing things then" she continued.

"I am a ghost........don't scream" Chris said.

"I am too" August said eyeing her as if she was gonna scream.

Instead she passed out and I heard somebody knock.

"Who is it" I said from behind the door.

"Trey" I heard the person say as Chris and August face started to look angry.

"Who is Trey?" I asked

"Some may say your worst nightmare".................

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