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Why is Jungkook taking so long?? We are all tired and hungry from practicing.
It's been 15mins since he's gone to get some food for us. I'm dying here!

Oh! Here he comes.

"Hey hyungs! I got food and news for us! Which one do want first?" He asks.

"Food first!" We all shouted.

Whoaaaa! He's bought us Jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles).
We all start to eat.
Then, Jin hyung asks, "Whats the news about?"

"Oh, that! Do you guys remember my classmate Y/N in high school?"Jungkook asks.

"Yeah why?" I wanted to know.

"No, it's just that.. she's now here preparing for her new group's debut. I just met her outside a few minutes ago."

"Chincha? That's good for her! You guys were really close back then. Did you guys had a reunion?" Hoseok hyung asks.

Jungkook sighs, "Ani, she didn't even recognise me. When I asked her about it, she looked like she didn't even know what I was talking about."

That's strange, I thought.

"But she's also PD-nim's daughter. And I don't remember her being PD-nim's daughter.
If my memory serves me right, I remember her parents were Dentists."

"But how is that possible? PD-nim was never a dentist." Yoongi suddenly wakes up and asks.

"I know it's sounds strange... and after she transferred to another school, I never had any type of contact with her."

"That's so scary... what is up with her?" Namjoon hyung asks.

"I know. But I think right now she's in the others practice room with her band mates. How about we give them a little visit?" Jungkook gets up and turns towards the door.

Sure..,, all of us headtowards their room.

curiously knock on the door.

Someone says "Come In"
As the door opens, My eyes were on Y/N.
I don't know what took over me. She seems to be shocked. She comes to us and greets us, "Annyeonghaeseyo! Please come in"

The rest of us enters the room. Their practice room seemed bigger than ours.

They were a bunch of 6 pretty girls. I thought they would make a wonderful group.

We all greet them too, "Annyeonghaseyo!"

Finally Jungkook speaks up, "We just came to give our new neighbors a visit."

"Congratulations on your upcoming debut!" I congratulate them.

"Thank you Jimin-sunbaenim!" They thank me.

"Y/N, can you introduce the other members to us?" Hoseok hyung asks.

"Nae! Sure."
She tells us all their names.

I seemed to find Y/N the most beautiful out of all the other girls.

We start to talk, and became friends quickly.

They were all very talented and nice, but I couldn't stop staring at Y/N.
She was different, she was unique.
Just 10 minutes of knowing each other, and I had a certain liking for her.

I couldn't understand the situation. What had taken over me?

Y/N's P.O.V
BTS came over to our practice room to visit us and congratulate us.And they were very friendly to us. We didn't even realise that 30 minutes had already gone from all the talking.

The left us after a quick goodbye, since they had to practice their choreography.

I didn't know, but I had a strange feeling that someone was staring at me.

Jimin was totally my bias in BTS. And I felt the stare coming from him. I felt nervous.

But I tried my hardest in not returning the stare to him.

I was so happy today. I don't think I could ever sleep tonight. Because I had a lot in my mind right now.

I'm in my bed right now. The other girls also left the building by 7 pm.

It's 10pm right now. And I've already packed my stuff.

We are gonna be assigned our dormitories tomorrow, BTS's dorm is next to ours! And wait- that means, BTS will be our neighbors?

Is my life a dream?

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