Chapter 10

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I wake up to an empty bed but, If I remember last night correctly there should be a curly haired green eyed boy in my bed.

I check the clock and it's almost noon so of course Harry is up and about. I just thought he would wake me up like he did last time, because morning wood ain't no joke.

I get out of bed and stand on the soft white carpet in my room and curl my toes into the soft feel. I brush my teeth and have a wee before I see Harry's clothes are still on the ground from the night before.

Could this little minx be walking around in my house naked. Marisol my maid, could see him or already has seen him. Yeah Marisol is happily married but anybody with eyes can see how beautiful Harry is.

I quickly slip on my sweatpants and slippers ignoring a t shirt and hurry down stairs.

I hear some humming before I hear faint talking as I get closer to the kitchen door.

"Does he now?" I hear Harry say and I stop in front of the door.

"Yeah he absolutely loves footie." I hear Marisol say, oh so they're talking about me.

"Might just have to ask him about it then." Harry says before he's telling a stupid joke "Hey wanna hear a joke?" I can just see him smiling madly with his dimples and his cute bunny like teeth on display.

"Loved to." Marisol says before Harry is giggling and I almost want to go in and save her but, I also find myself smiling and so endeared and god I'm so fucked.

"Why did the baboon ask the giraffe why the long face?" He doesn't even wait for a response before giggling and explaining the joke. "Because he thought his neck was his face."

Marisol laughs "That was terrible I see why Louis likes you." She says and oh she knows are we really that obvious.

I decide to walk in before Harry can talk. I had forgotten it was possible Harry would be naked but, no he's in one of my big jumpers it's a light baby blue color that stops right mid length thigh. I have extra clothes for people; who would come and go, like Niall and Liam and I definitely don't regret buying all that unnecessary clothes right about now.

Harry is also wearing black long socks his milky white thighs look so good in contrast and I just wanna bite them, but that's all he's wearing the jumper and the socks no pants making me want to bend him over the kitchen counter although,I don't think Marisol will appreciate that.

I meet his eyes and I can see as he swallows thickly while dragging his eyes across my chest.

"Mornin' Marisol." I smile and she smiles back opening her arms for a hug.

Marisol was basically more of a good friend than a worker. We didn't get to talk much because I use to be constantly working till I got Casey and some other workers to work for me.

She knows me more than myself sometimes. I think she's just really observant.

She hugs me and I'm taken by surprise when she whispers in my ear "Keep him, and don't forget to invite me to your wedding." She says softly before pulling away and saying "Harry and I made breakfast so eat up I'll be else where." Marisol walks out smiling and acting like she didn't just suggest I was gonna marry Harry.

Fuck I wanted to marry Harry and hey that rhymed but, that's not the only reason I wanted to marry Harry. I was just so gone for this boy, I barely even knew him not to ignore the fact that he didn't even fully belong to me.

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