Day in the UK

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After that exciting news, Will gets a text from his parents saying to hurry up and get ready. We were going around the UK today. So, while Will got ready, I uploaded one of my prerecorded videos, and tweeted out that I would be in the UK for the next few days.

Will got ready and they both headed to his parents house.

We arrived at my parents house.
"Are you guys ready to go?" I asked both of my parents
"Wait, Will. When are you gonna tell them?" Shelby whispered
"I'll tell them when we go eat somewhere." I whispered back
"Tell us what?" Emily asked
"Oh, it's nothing."
"Well, okay then! Lets get going!" Willis exclaimed
"Wait, what about Wynden?" I asked
"Your brother had things to do." Said my mother
"Oh okay." I suppose it had to deal with his band
We all got into my car. My dad decide to drive. Which led to my mom taking shotgun, and Shelby and I were at the back.
"So, where are we going?" Shelby asked
"I know we got you guys to head over here quite early, so we're going to get some breakfast at this great new place!" My mother replied
"Okay, sounds great!" Shelby said enthusiastically
This seemed like the old times. When my brother, sister, and I would just stroll around the UK with our parents. Except this time, it was only me and Shelby. It was nice knowing that my parents already seem to see Shelby as their child. Okay, that sounds weird. Shelby is my girlfriend, not my sister.
It was a pretty peaceful car ride. It basically consisted of Shelby and I holding hands, me checking my Twitter, and Shelby being amazed by the environment. Eventually, we made it to the breakfast place.
We went in, found our seats, and the waiter took our order. It was silent, and to break the silence, Shelby nudged my shoulder, hinting that I should tell them about the moving situation.
"Uhm. Mom, dad, I have some news." I start
"Oh my... Is Shelby pregnant?!" My mother whisper yelled
"Whaa-- No!"
"Well, my roommate recently told me that he was moving out." Said Shelby
"And... I've decided to move in with her." I say nervously
My mom and dad looked at each other.
"That's great!" My mom said enthusiastically "I mean..."
"What your mother is trying to say is that, we're happy that you're going to move in with her. We know how much you love her, and though we're gonna be sad that you're moving out, at least, you'll be safe with Shelby." My dad explained
"Thanks for understanding." I gave them both a warm smile
"Thank you for trusting me with your son." Shelby with a happy tone
"It's no problem. You love each other, right? Don't let your destinations get in the way of that." My mom said with a warm smile

His parents are so amazing! No wonder why Will is this amazing person. He was raised by amazing people. They're so supportive.
Not too long after that, our food came. We all ate happily. Will even stole some of my food along the way. Once we were done, we paid for the meal.
"Now that we're done with breakfast, now is the time to burn out all the carbs, and explore!" Emily said enthusiastically
"Sounds like fun!" I responded
So, that's what we did. Willis and Emily walked hand in hand, and so did Will and I. Many photos were taken, and were soon to be uploaded to Instagram and Twitter.
Later, we somehow ended up at a jewelry store. Emily and I browses through many of the selections, while Will and his father walked around the store.

We ended up at the jewelry store. One of the most boring places to adventure in. In my opinion, at least. My dad and I didn't know much about jewelry. So, we just walked around looking at each section.
"So Will, since we're at a jewelry store, with rings. I might as well bring up the subject." My dad started
Oh no...
"Do you ever see yourself marrying Shelby?" He asked
"Well... Yes! She's the girl who I wanna spend my life with! She my world. I know I'll ask her one day, dad."
"I see. You really love her, huh." My dad gave me a smirk
"Yeah... She-- she's my world... I can't picture myself with anyone else." I look over at Shelby. Noticing how happy she is with my mom. She really is the one. The one that I'd ask to marry one day. Maybe when we visit, and spend yet another Day in the UK.
Well, that's the end of another chapter! I hope you enjoyed it!
Also, I can't wait for Shelby, Will, Graser, and Liam's new series! I'm so excited XD
Anyways, thanks for reading!

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