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2coolforschool: do you know how gr8 i feel. After unblocking me? I feel, beautiful, sunshine, like I own the world.

Jennie23lover: if you owned the world, we all would've been ruined, destroyed.

2coolforschool: opinion***

Jennie23lover: fact*******

2coolforschool: damn. Autocorrect is acting wrong isn't it?

Jennie23lover: dAmN. aUtO coRRecT iS aCtinG WrOnG iSn'T iT?

2coolforschool: what you doing?

Jennie23lover: eating some ramenr noddles with my sis. You?

2coolforschool: eating pasta.

Jennie23lover: sound delicious

2coolforschool: you know whats more delicious

You have been blocked from jennie23lover. Please try again.

2coolforschool: Ice cream

You have been blocked from jennie23lover. Please try again.

2coolforschool: gottdammitt JENNIE23LOVERKDRAMA you always think im going to say something nasty. You FAKE.

jennie23lover: why didn't you type it on the 'you know whats more delicious' message one?

2coolforschool: because that doesn't sound exciting.

Jennie23lover: well I didn't laugh.

2coolforschool: i never said it was going to make you laugh or sound really funnny.

Jennie23lover: fine. You win

2coolforschool: I actually was going to make it dirty. But probaly you would block me until age 27.

Jennie23lover: that can happen

2coolforschool: right!!!

Jennie23lover: Want a pic of me?

2coolforschool: i already now what you're going to send me. Its going to be a meme or potato. So nah.

Jennje23lover: i actually was going to and make you're heart melt but i guess, nevermind

2coolforschool: I was lying send me that pic.

Jennie23lover: alright.


2coolforschool: die

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2coolforschool: die

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