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The Pack Of Three: Prologue

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     Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Frost, but some call me Icy for my famous, cold stare. I am from the Epic Souls pack, and sadly, only Mist, Rainy, and I survived the deadly fight against the pack, Dusk Shadows. Our clan leader, Crystal, sacrificed her life in order killing the Dusk Shadows’ leader, Shadowpaw, but that clan is not history, their pack is quite prominent and will soon find another  leader. However, the remains of our pack is over, for that is what the other wolf packs in Siberia believe, but I hope, just hope, for my pack to manage. Although Mist is basically a newborn, Rainy is actually experienced after being in the Epic Souls pack for a couple of years.  Rainy knows how to hunt, but it is quite hard to hunt with only him to feed us, and especially the competition between packs for food. Luck is not with us wolves because winter was very harsh, gathering frozen nuts and berries from autumn that no wolves enjoy. Most animals left for either hibernation or migration, and still, beasts known as humans hunt wolves down for genuine fur to keep warmth. But do those animals called humans understand us, our emotions, what we feel? Obviously they do not because every winter, a quarter of wolves from Siberia disappears, with only their wounded bodies left staining the white snow. Ever since, more and more humans arrive, as wolves’ population decrease, leaving families, destroying packs, leave packs with no leader…. Life as a wolf is no ordinary one, but my pack’s history is no ordinary way of wolf culture, it is the exact opposite. 

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