Chapter 11: Almost Kissing

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I wake up with the light shinning in my eyes

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I wake up with the light shinning in my eyes. I jump out of bed and walk down stairs, I sit at the kitchen table with everyone. "Good morning sis! So yesterday I know wasn't the best day ever. So I bought you this so you won't get bored," Damson says handing me a box.

"You can make those macrame hemp bracelets, I know you wanted one of these kits when you were 10..." He says scratching his neck. I squeal in happiness. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I kiss his cheek and hug him.

"Your welcome," He says patting my head. "So today me and the boys are going to have guests come over."

"And I need to stay in my room?" I ask, "No, just don't distract us." Damson says, I nod. "I'm going to my room!" I say, I run up the stairs with my box.

I open my door and slam it behind me. Time to get to business. I spent hours working on my bracelets, until I had a bunch. I put all of the bracelets on and run down stairs so I can show Damson.

But I didn't see any of the gang, but I did see 5 guys sitting on the couch. "Hello." One man says, blankly. "H-hi." I say, "You must be Thalia. Damsons sister, right?" He asks, I nod. He half smiles at me.

"I'm Jerry, with them." He says, I nod and smile at them. "Nice bracelet." One of the dudes say. That's when I was automatically not shy anymore.

"Thank you!" I say, walking over to them. Five minutes later all of them are wearing a bracelet and we are all talking and laughing. I thought gangs are supposed to be all tough but they are all sweethearts.

"Jerry, why are you wearing a pink bracelet?" Everyone looks up to see Noah asking. All the gang was there, and trying to hold back a laugh. "Guys!" I say, I get up and start putting one bracelet on everyone. But when I got to Noah there was none left.

"I'm sorry but I ran out." I say to Noah. "Trust me, it's fine." Noah says, "Thalia, can you leave us alone for a little while? Please." Damson asks, I nod.

"Bye, it was very nice to meet y'all. I hope you like your bracelets. I hope to see y'all soon." I say, they all wave goodbye to me. These gang people aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

I'm going to go finish making bracelets. A hour later I was making bracelets when there was a knock at my door, I open it to see Noah. "Hi." He says,

"Bye." I say, I close the door in his face. He knocks again, I open it. "N-" I start, but he cuts me off. "Look, I know you don't want to be here. And I don't want you to be here. So just don't talk to me." He says,

"Excuse me? You are the one that came in my room to talk to me." I say rolling my eyes. "Yeah, so that I could tell you not to talk to me." Noah says, "Haha! Please! Like anyone would want to talk to you." I say,

"You know, it's amazing how you finally learned to talk to people. Or is it just that you can't talk to anyone except me? Because that's what it seems like, right stutter girl?" He says smirking at me.

"I hate you!" I yell, "Aw! You hurt my feelings!" He says smirking and putting his hand over his heart. "Why are you so annoying!?" I yell glaring at him.

I was so mad that I didn't even realize his smirking face and my glaring face were just inches away from each other. I start blushing and I clear my throat while taking a step back.

"M-Maybe you should leave." I say looking at my feet. "Why? Because we had a moment? Or almost had a moment?" He asks, now clearly bored, I look at him while blushing.

"P-Please go..." I say, not being able to stop smiling. Come on, stop it Thalia! Stop smiling! You are embarrassing yourself! My hair falls in my face as I blush bright red.

"You look like a tomato." Noah says, then the door opens and I hear screaming. I look at the door to see the gang, Daniel being the one screaming happily like a little girl who's mom just gave her a candy bar.

"It's Nalia! Nalia is real everyone! It's happening right here, right now!" Daniel says happily. "W-what? No! No it's not!" I say shaking my bright red face.

"It totally is! I mean Noah is in a girls bedroom. Do you know what happens in a bedroom?" Daniel asks smirking, Noah gives Daniel a bored look.

"Apparently something with the bed."
"Dirty shit."
"The nasty."
"You make it sound dirty."
"Sex, hard sex."
"Dear goodness Jason, you're so gross."
"Yeah, Jason you need to shut up."

Everyone says, agreeing with each other's words. "Uhh, you sleep?" I say, "Guys, stop! This is my little sister! She isn't just someone you can ship everyone with!" Damson says glaring at everyone.

"Sorry, they just forget that me and your sister are going to get married one day." Jason says, Damson glares harder at him. "My sister ain't ever marrying your dirty ass." He says,

"Just you wait and see!" Jason yells, he runs out of my room and we all chase him. "Guys! Dinner is ready! Come eat before Cameron eats it all!" Aaron yells,

"Yeah! I might!" We hear Cameron yell, we all laugh. The rest of the day I avoided even looking at Noah.

 The rest of the day I avoided even looking at Noah

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