Natalie Brandon

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Name: Natalie Skyler Brandon

Face Claim: Debby Ryan (2013/2014)

Love Interest: Harry Styles

Book: She's Not Afraid

Status: Permanent Hiatus/Discontinued

Background: Natalie, or Nat, as her friends call her, is a successful YouTuber living in London with her two best friends Dan Howell and Phil Lester. When Dan and Phil have to go to their studio at BBC for a meeting about their next guest on the show, Natalie is dragged along. She spends most of the time hanging out with PJ Ligouri and Chris Kendall (who met the trio on their way to Phil's car). No one actually knows the identity of the mystery guests until they show up. While waiting for Dan and Phil to finish their show, Nat meets Zayn Malik, who asks for help finding Little Mix (the special guests). A few days later, Nat is filming with her friends Maz and Andy in their house. Andy's friends One Direction come over after they're done filming and meet Nat. 

Creative Background: I chose Debby Ryan as my face claim because I thought she was incredibly gorgeous and I was in a phase where I was obsessed with her (I still think Debby's beautiful, don't get me wrong). Once I had my face claim, I needed a name. I decided on Natalie because I thought Debby looked like a Natalie, and it sounded girly and tough at the same time. I thought Skyler sounded nice with Natalie, so it became her middle name. I chose Brandon as the last name simply because it meant Natalie would be first alphabetically in the story (like if all the characters were in school and a teacher was reading the class list/roster). It was a weird OCD/kink/twitch/trigger that I had for years, to have my character(s) be first alphabetically.    


So this was one of the first stories (if not the first) that I published on Wattpad. I thought it was really good and creative (cut me some slack I was 14). It's incredibly cringey and difficult to read, but it's still up if you wanna subject yourself to that kind of torture. 

*I just reread it to jog my memory while writing this and I want to die it's so fucking bad*

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