Accident- TBNRCanadian

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Preston's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes to the dim light of our bedroom, the sun lighting up the room from underneath the curtains. The blankets had been pulled off me sometime during the night and I grinned to myself, knowing exactly who did it.

I turned to the other side of the bed to see an auburn hair covered head just poking above the blankets, some of which I was meant to be under. He was facing away from me, his chest rising and falling slowly and sleeping soundly.

We had been together for almost a year after he broke up with his girlfriend, Jess. He had been so upset but they were still great friends after everything. They had just fallen out of love, but fortunately for me he had fallen out of love and in love with me.

I had spent my time comforting him after the break, Jerome had gone to stay at his parents house at the time because his mother had been in hospital so I went up to stay with Mitch. He still continued to do YouTube in an attempt to hide his sadness but I found him outside one night, his feet dangling in the pool and tears streaming down his face.

I had held him close for hours, actually until dawn and he fell asleep on me, tears staining his face. I had taken him inside and we slept together for hours, Mitch still in my chest. After we woke up he confessed his love for me and to my surprise, I was the reason he fell out of love with Jess.

I had asked him to be my boyfriend and he accepted. That was a year ago and now, we couldn't be happier. I had moved into the Merome household and Mitch's room became mine, their house becoming mine and my friendship with Jerome blooming. I had never had much time to spend with him but by living in the same house had him we had become closer than ever.

Jerome was extremely protective of Mitch, having been his best friend for years and had threatened to break my face if I broke his heart. I took his threat very seriously, I wouldn't be the first person he had punched because they had hurt Mitch.

I look across at the digital clock shining a greeny yellow light and saw the time 10:43 displayed across it's face. I sighed, it was far to early to get up. Our sleep schedule was way off, generally we went to bed at around 3 and got up between 2 and 5 in the evening, depending on whether or not Mitch had to record a Benja video.

I scrambled back under the blankets and crawled in next to Mitch, wrapping my arms around his waist. In the few milliseconds of silence I had, I noticed a small swollen lump on the back of his neck, probably from some of those stupid sparkler darts he used in some dares and videos.

All of a sudden Mitch's entire body jerked and his elbow connected with my nose, sending a wave of raw pain through my face and a spurt of blood landed on the sheets. Mitch sat up with a groan but gasped in shock when he saw me curled up on the bed in a fetal position.

"Preston? Preston! You're bleeding!" I whimpered softly, groaning when the whimper made some blood fall onto the sheets again. My body was shaking slightly from shock and from the waves of pain that were rolling through my body.

I could feel tears creeping down my face and the blood falling between my fingers. I felt a cloth pressed to my face and I moved my hands, letting Mitch press it onto my nose. He lifted me into a sitting position and pinched the bridge of my nose, my head facing down.

The pain was getting too much for me to take and after another stabbing pain I gasped causing blood to spurt down my chin.

"Jerome! Jerome! Can you come here!" The door opened and I heard footsteps before the hand removed itself and another replaced it. They held it tightly and used something cold to wipe away the blood on the rest of my face.

I coughed and I heard some wetness, probably blood that had made its way into my mouth. They held the cloth underneath my chin to catch anything that made its way down there and I felt someone else's hands behind my back, meaning both Mitch and Jerome were in the room.

The hands on my back started to move up and down for comfort and I could hear Mitch apologising profusely, over and over.

"Preston I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry, I was asleep and I cou-"

I could speak because of the cloth over my mouth and nose, but I made some sort of weird gurgling noise to indicate it was okay. He hugged me from behind and Jerome gingerly removed the cloth. He sighed in relief.

"It's not broken thank god, but it'll be sore and probably visibly bruised for the next week."

"We'll have to think of an excuse because you'll have to record at some time and your fans will want to know."

I nodded carefully, wincing when the simple movement caused excruciating pain to shoot through my face and body. Mitch allowed me to lean back against himself and I did so, locking my arms over my chest.

My face was still throbbing with every slight movement so I tried to stay as still as possible to avoid any more pain than I had to go through. Jerome was gently dabbing the cloth on my nose to get rid of the blood which was drying on my face and turning into a maroon colour.

I coughed again to get rid of anything that had been building in my throat and Jerome jumped when a spray of blood exited my mouth and splashed onto the cloth. Behind me, Mitch wrapped his arms around my chest and held me up as hacking coughs took over my body, my arms shaking so much I couldn't hold myself up.

Jerome's free hand went to my forehead and held it up as my body lurched forwards and my body lost any control. I couldn't move anything according to my own will and suddenly I jerked sideways, wrenching myself out of both Mitch's and Jerome's grasps.

The ground came up fast, the carpeted floor forcing my body to come to a complete holt. My head hit first, the concrete underneath the carpet making more impact than the carpet did to stop it. My arms seized across my chest and released in a steady rhythm and I started to panic.

My body was no longer until my control, I couldn't feel anything from my waist below and I could feel the blackness creeping up on me from behind, and I knew there was nothing I could do.

Stars flashed before my eyes, black taking over but before it did, I became aware of shouting, and a hand on my shoulder. I couldn't do anything.

That was an accident bound to end in tragedy.

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