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Ch.30 Party?

Its already been three days that I've been at PJ's, due to Savage insisting I stay there. I apologize to him every time for it but he shrugs it off like he doesn't have a care in the world.

I've been to excited for the past two days so I had completely forgot most things, the reason I'm excited is because Goth is going to be coming back to school. Everyone knows (my friends and jocks) and its a surprise for Palete. I can't wait to see those to together again! They always seem so happy and at peace around each other, and I doubt I'm the only one who misses seeing those two together.
All of us have been doing our best to hide it from Palete and people who would try to ruin it (Funking jelly hoes, be jelly all over Poth my fricki'n OTP!😤😂)

Today was the day he'd come back to school, and Savage texted me saying I could finally come back to her house today. Although she admitted she made me stay at PJ's an extra day even though she was done just because she shipped us, end of story I was blue blushing mess with a small temper at that moment.

If this was a fanfic I swear Savage would be the author and any who's reading it, would come find me and tape me to PJ's wall or something telling me to stay. But that not reality! (Oh dear poor yet radical have no idea *pulls out duck tape* 😁)

I waited in the Library with everyone. We all came early due to the plan.

Palete often got sad and came to the Library after school so we decided this was the place, Shifteh even put up small decoration.

"So are you ready?" I asked sitting next to Goth who sat on a chair with his crutches next to him.

"To come back to this hell whole where most cheerleaders chase jocks, and annoying six graders kick the back of your feet? No." He said as I smiled, despite what he's been put through he still hasn't changed.

"If Palete wasn't in this school I doubt I would want to come at all, this school is such a nightmare in my opion and I'm not talking about Dreams brother." Goth sighed but still smiled lightly.

"You'd be surprised with how calm everythings been while you were gone." I admitted. There hasn't been a lot of drama with him gone.

"...Is that a bad thing or a good thing for me?" He asked and I laughed.

"How about both?" I asked and he shrugged.

"I don't know. That sounds a lot like having depression and anxiety at the same time, and that's not exactly what you would call good." He said as I thought about it.

"Hm...that true. You have a good point." I said as Trinity ran inside with Reboot.

"He's walking over here right now!" She said happily as Reboot out the door.

"Everyone hide!" He said as everyone except for Goth did, though he didn't really have to since he was the surprise.

The moment Palete took a step through the doors, and switched on the lights we all jumped out yelling surprise.

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