Chapter 28

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I got tagged...




4.Why would I?I'm not even 18 yet.


6.A fake one that comes out with water...

7.Yes...about four times

Chat Noir:Wut...

8.What question is that?MLB for life.

MLB fam:Yay!

9.Um...Titanic,The phantom of the Opera,Beauty and the Beast and Frozen!

10.I just want to be part of your SYMPHONY~

11 .Don't have one

12.Maroon 5!

13.When I first met my best friend in nursery school!

14.The foreshadowing



17.I dunno I use Insta...

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19.This is hard cause I don't know how it feels to be neither.I would say...blind I guess.

20.Haven't tried coffee so...

21. 12  (31/01/2005) nearly thirteen

22 . Don't have one

23.Well I don't know how to say it but in my country we say that I am 1,63.

24. ....Don't understand.

25.A year

26.I believe that everyone deserves to be treated the same way whether their personalities are different.If the same gender likes each other,let them be.

27.Well second chances can lead to good but...they can lead to bad as well...It's the situation that counts.Whether you think it's possible or not its your choice to give someone a second chance.

28.So I'm in a distant relationship right now and to be honest I feel miserable . I'm thinking of breaking up with him but I really don't know how...

Chat Noir:Just dump him already


29.I don't know what to answer.

30 . Don't know...


32.I believe in true love!



35.Yes and I have a boyfriend.

Chat Noir:That you will break up with so you can be with me...


36.I think I'm average.

And now...I'm tagging:


Narrator's Pov

Admiring yourself in the mirror,you smirked as you checked out your outfit."I can't believe it I actually look like you!"You informed Adrien while turning around to meet with his face.He nodded a bit speechless but then cleared his throat.

"Ahem-y-yeah you look hot-I MEAN LIKE ME"He flushed a dark red and you giggled at his anxiousness.Even if he did act like his flirty persona sometimes,he would never be as bold as Chat in his civilian form.

"So-"Adrien snapped out of his daydream,focusing on you."-shall we go for training?"With that an all to familiar smirk was back.


"Okay so try and jump this."Adrien or rather Chat at that moment instructed you.He was on top of your neighbor's house,waiting for you to jump from your railing.You looked down and stumbled a bit with your own feet as horrible thoughts swam in your mind if you fell down.

"Um...I-I can't"You mumbled and Chat looked at you concerned. "Don't be afraid Tigress.You do know that if you fall I'll catch you right?"Chat extended an arm from the other side,impatiently waiting for it to be grasped.

A boost of confidence coursed your veins as you heard him say your hero name.You took a deep breath and looked at Chat's face but your gaze landed on his hand.And with a swift move,you jumped.

Closing your eyes for a just a second.You were soon to be found in your boyfriends arms,safe and on the other side.Your eyes widened in shock.How did you make it?

"You see?It wasn't that hard was it?"He chuckled and you sighed in relief.Jumping from terrace to terrace for him is a piece of cake since he's been doing it for years but for you,it was nerve racking.

"So what's next?"You asked,gaining some confidence.Chat chuckled at your reaction and started to think.

"Well,I think we should try working on your weapon."He pointed at your belt and you slowly took out a pair of nun-chucks.They dangled from your hands and you started swaying the chains,trying to get use to the material.Suddenly,a sharp edge shot out from the end,shocking you and making you drop it down.

Chat came close to you and then your weapon which was now laying on the floor.He picked it up and inspected it."I see.I guess you pressed a small button and this came out.It can probably be used as a knife?I dunno"He handed it to you and you slightly nodded.

"Okay so why don't you try and use it against me?"You looked at it and then back to Chat. Feeling uneasy,you relaxed with breathing deeply and then you focused on your task.You twirled your nun-chucks and then ran to Chat with full speed.

~Time skip~

"Y/N you have improved!"You both detransformed,giving your kwamis their treats."I hope I am. I have skipped four akuma attacks because I 'wasn't ready'."You mocked Adrien and he sighed,holding you close.

"You know that I'm only doing this to protect you right?"Adrien breathed but you only crossed your arms."No one tried to protect you when you jumped into action straight away."

He sighed,not knowing what to say.He couldn't argue with that since it was true."You're right it's just...I'm scared.I don't want anything to happen to you.Again."

He starred down to the floor.Your expression switched in concern and you placed a hand on his cheek,making him look at you.

" this all about?Please don't worry.I have trained with you and even you said that I have improved."You reassured and he nodded,looking at you with a small smile.

"I'm sorry for doubting you..."He said and you pecked his lips."It's alright.I know you did it because you care about me"He smiled wider.

"Then I will be awaiting you dear for our next mission " You squealed and jumped into his arms,hugging him tightly.

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