Chapter 4

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My friend Kyle wasn't any better then my friends back at Liberty city. He lived in a crappy one bath, one bedroom apartment that smelled like weed and Chinese take out. He didn't have cable and his living room was trashed with pizza boxes and trash so it was nasty in there. Realizing I had no where to sleep he wiped off all the trash on his couch. I didn't even realize he had a couch the room was so trashy. He then walked in his room and came back out with a pillow. I was quit disgusted but I needed a place to stay and didn't know anyone else so I took what I was given. He took my bags like he was trying to be polite but I don't think I even wanted him to. He placed my bags in a corner in the room, the corner was the cleanest thing in the room so I didn't care. He then walked to the middle of his living room facing me as he threw his hands up and chuckled. "This is it, bathrooms over there and this is my room." He said pointing to the doors as he talked.

I thought to myself, thinking leave and you can do better but knowing I can't I laughed and gave him our handshake and sat down. "Got a blunt man? its been awhile since I've had one." I said. He went back to his room and came back out with a couple joints and a box. "What's in the box?" I said as he handed me a joint. He opened it as he had a smirk on his face. Inside the box was a bag of a white crystal powder and also a light and pipe. He took the table salts out and poured it in the pipe and lit it. He took a hit first and then passed it to me. I refused for which I don't do hard drugs anymore. He kept tapping on my arm with the pipe trying to get me to grab it but I didn't take it. He wouldn't get the hint that I didn't want it so I had to do something else. "Nah dude, I'm good." I said. He almost looked offended by what I said and bumped me in the arm one more time with the pipe. I get angry when I have to repeat myself but just to make sure he didn't hear me I repeated myself saying no. He looked mad at me denying the offer and practically forcing the pipe in my mouth.

Angrily I grabbed the pipe and threw it across the room. It hit the wall and shattered. "The fuck man!" He said sitting up. "That's some good shit!" He said standing up but then instead of doing anything he just stood there. He was lifeless as he stood there. He then walked to the bedroom and closed the door behind him. I let out a sigh of relief and leaned back on the couch. I then laid down and almost barfed at the smell of the pillow. I've lived in drug houses before and they were never this dirty, Rj and Drew's was dirty to time to time but not this bad. After finally getting used to the smell enough to relax I was able to get some shut eye. I woke up and it was night time so I checked on Kyle and he wasn't actually asleep he looked lifeless laying on the bed. I walked in and made sure he was breathing and he was. I grabbed a jacket out of my bags and left the apartment. The clean air outside the apartment was almost a relief after the filthy smells from in there.
Walking down the road it was quiet. Back in liberty city nights were loud and crazy but here in los Santos thing were quiet besides the hip hop music that can be herd and the car alarm in the distance but that was nothing to liberty city. It wasn't cold but it wasn't hot ether but it felt better then liberty city. I stopped at an alley way where I peeked my head around the corner to make sure no one was about to jump me. The alley ways were quiet too, except for the occasional homeless man. Getting used to this city was gonna be hard when your so used to a crime city, but so far the only crime here is drugs. I then turned the corner and bumped right into someone. I didn't even move but the other person almost fell, it was a girl. I caught her and she caught her balance again. She had black hair, and she had light brown skin. She was pretty and she was not properly dressed. "Sorry..." I began but she stopped me by slapping me. It didn't hurt but it took me by surprise.

She was wearing a long black coat and pink boots, no pants. I didn't mean to stare but she didn't notice. She went to go say something after slapping me but wasn't able to because some guy ran out of the building we were in front of and he seemed pissed. He searched around until he saw the girl and started charging at her. "You filthy whore, I want my money back!" He said as he got to her. She looked scared and got close to me. When he got in arms length he went to grab her arm but she shrugged him off. It was clear she didn't want anything to do with him but he kept coming for her. I took matters into my own hands and stepped in.

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