''Jai?! Alexis?!'' I hear a very familiar voice yelling. upss.

It was James. Oh. 

''What are you two doing?! ''He kept yelling at us . ''That's it, I'm not leaving you two alone again! ''He shouted and started to walk in our direction.

''James, it's not what you think it is..''Jai tried to explain what just happened. 

''Ohh Please..just don't say that she was drowning and you did mouth to mouth to her!''He was still yelling. I hate when he's yelling. 

''Well..that's what happened..''He said calmly. 

''How dare you after kissing my little sis lie to my face?!''He shouted. Oh.now I was scared.

''I didn't kiss your sister, and I'm not fucking lying to you ! ''Now he started to shout aswell, but he was lying..cause we kissed in the pool.

.Fight ! Fight! Fight! I shouted in my head. Jokes . :D

''Oh yeah, well the last thing I remember, is she winning a freaking medal in the swimming competition! ''James shouted. Awww , he remembered ! Then He came very close to Jai, getting ready to hit him.

''..What..? ''he said confused, and looked at me. Then I saw James putting his arm in the air, and getting ready to hit him in the face.And I don't want them to fight ! So I quickly stood up, and run to them and stood  in between James and Jai.

Then James stopped, and looked at me confused. 

''No fighting ! Don't forget Dani is at home ..and James..don't worry I just did a little prank on him, and he believed it..I pretended that I couldn't breath , and he did mouth to mouth to me, so that means, he would save me..if I was really drowning..so calm down..''I said and he softened a bit. 

''Fine..I'm sorry man..it's just ya know..I really love my little sister. ''He said apologizing to Jai. 

''It's alright bro..''he said. 

Then I noticed, everyone was staring at me..what the hell?

''Nice bra''Beau says and everyone giggles, but James, he gave me his jacket.

''Shut the fuck up, Beau'' I Said covering myself. 

''Okay can everyone quick come to the lounge room, and you Lexi, go change, and then come back down stairs, okay?'' James says. 

''Okay''I said and quickly run to my room to change. 

-----After 10 minutes---------------

I ran downstairs, cause everyone was already waiting for me. 

''So..what do you wanna talk about?''I asked while sitting on the carpet. 

''This Sunday, we're going to MTV Movie Awards ! And you're coming with us! ''He says all excited. Yesss!!!!! wOOHOOOOOW 

''Great ! ''I said and smiling like an idiot.  

After awhile our parents come back. We ate dinner and went to sleep. 

(sorry for skipping the whole week) 


So now, I'm getting ready for the MTV Movie Awards. I just had a shower, and my best friend Sarah is helping me to get ready. 

She did my make up, and my hair. And I did hers. Then we changed into our amazing dresses. Sarah wore this amazing black with some light blue dress, which had only one strap My dress was strapless, and black like night, and the top part was a bit sparkly. We put on our high heels, and took our handbags. (picture on the side).

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