Unintentional Outing- Wooflan

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Rob's P.O.V.

I felt Lachlan's head in my chest, an immense comfort for us as we were alone. We were staying with the Pack for a few weeks and we had been sharing a room but we couldn't risk showing affection for each other in fear of accidentally outing each other.

Lachlan was terrified of telling the others, so much so that he had cried himself to sleep on many nights. When he was visiting me in Canada before we went down to Florida he had been sleeping in the same room as me, and I made the mistake of mentioning coming out.

He was so scared, he had cried himself to sleep for at least a week and wouldn't let me touch him, flinching away whenever I bought the topic up. After a while I told him that we wouldn't come out unless he was comfortable too, but something told me he might not ever be.

He had come out to his parents as gay when he was 16 but it turned bad. He thought they might have been at least slightly accepting, but unfortunately it was the opposite. They kicked him out and he went and lived with a school mate and his family until he was 18, and then moved into a flat with some friends.

Lachlan's parents completely cut off all ties with him, although he still had some contact with his sibling without his parents knowledge, they had basically left him for dead, fending for himself. I felt so bad and there were days that I wanted to track Lachlan's family down and give them a good talking too, but it would bring up too many old memories so I left it.

I looked down at the younger boy and squeezed him tightly. He was sleeping, and had been for a good hour, resting his entire body on mine. Our legs were intertwined and my arms and hands resting at his hips and waist.

The boys were out getting dinner so we took that rare moment of peace and shared some affection, but Lachlan fell asleep on top of me almost immediately. I didn't mind, but it was one of the few times we'd get to do this sort of thing while to boys were around because they might find out.

I could feel my head dropping and I hugged Lachlan close to me, the warmth from his body keeping me warm, and vice-versa for him too. There was nothing I could do, I didn't realise the risk of me falling asleep would completely ruin everything. Even though I didn't regret it later, I felt so bad for making Lachlan so scared.


There was a yell and I jumped, my eyes opening fast and I looked up. Preston and Mitch were standing above me, Preston holding a camera and taking some photos. Lachlan whimpered and I felt him move and I held still for a few seconds, hoping he stayed asleep.

It didn't pan out that way. He opened his eyes and they immediately fixed on Preston and Mitch and he gasped. His arms started to shake and I roped my arms around him, holding him close. His head buried itself into my neck and I could feel silent tears creeping down his face.

I moved his hips so I could bring him closer and wrapped the blanket around him so he was out of the view of the others, saving him a lot of embarrassment. A felt his body heave and a sob choked him, followed by a round of shaking.

I mouthed at Preston and Mitch to 'go away, we'll sort this out later!' They left the room fast and as soon as the door shut, Lachlan burst into tears. His sobs echoed in the room and I rocked him back and forth, bringing his body to mine.

His body was trembling like a leaf and the tears were streaming down his face like rain. I held him close and felt him calm down over a few minutes, letting his breathing settle into a regular rhythm again.

"Well the cats out of the bag now, they'll want to know won't they." He nodded but he was still trembling and I could tell he was so scared, especially of rejection from the others. I continued to rock him gently, a form of comfort I had used since we had first gotten together.

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